Little cookies with big taste, flavorful savories & seasonal sweets. Ideal for gift baskets or party favors.

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Where to buy...

One Good Woman, Camp Hill
Farmer's Market, Hershey
Healthy Living Marketplace
Little Amps, Harrisburg

short & sweet

tea cookies

3 pieces/bag/2.   Dozen/box/6.


Chocolate Chip- Browned butter adds extra flavor. (With or without walnuts)

Coffee Cookie- Made with espresso and chocolate, bursting with flavor.

Earl Grey- Subtle sophisticated flavor.

Flourless Toasted Pecan Chocolate Cookie.

Ginger- Crystallized, fresh and ground ginger.

Lavender- Made with culinary lavender.

Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies 3. per bag of 2

Pecan- Toasted pecans give this cookie a rich taste.

Pistachio Cranberry- Buttery cookie with subtle crunchy texture and tart & sweet taste.  

Rosemary- Fresh rosemary adds an aromatic flavor.

The Nancy- extreme ginger and chocolate, sensational!

Donna Savage    717.439.3834

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Department of Agriculture

Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratory Services

Certification through 12/17/2015

 ServSafe NRFSP Food 

Safety Certification

s & s fresh baked goods at Little Amps

in Harrisburg, PA

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& more: savories

Challah Knots- 2.

Feta, Roasted Red Pepper, Basil Biscuit- 2.

fontina and tomato with thyme tart

 large- 10. & medium 6.

& more: sweets

individual rustic apple tarts- 4.

Flourless Chocolate Cake- 8.

Raspberry granola bar- 3

Macaroons-  almond, chocolate chip & plain- 3.

Brownies-  Rich chocolate taste with walnuts- 3.   

Seasonal Fruit Buckles- 10.

Vegan Bars, variety 3.

Graham crackers-made with locally grown and ground whole wheat flour- 6./dozen

Muffins- 2.
organic pumpkin with candied pepitas
toffee coffee
corn muffin with strawberry jam inside
blueberry crumb         

Dog Cookies in 2 flavors for the four legged member of your family

3 biscuits/bag 2.

peanut butter with whole wheat & cornmeal