Did you know that we are main agents for Eberspächer air and water heaters? 

Did you also know that your heater needs servicing regularly? As with any machine that burns any material, these heaters clog up with unburnt fuel, reducing their efficiency. Also, if the fault memory reaches its limit, the "brain" may shut down which can only be cleared by an agent or in a worst case scenario a new ECU may be required at a cost of many hundreds of pounds.

When we service our heaters, we perform a full strip down, 

deep clean, rebuild, memory clear and functional test.

We can carry out full installations, specialise in VW T4 and T5 vans supporting main dealers and aftermarket builders alike.

We work on anything from small car heaters, through trucks,

plant equipment and boats to welfare units and portacabins. 

We are also qualified to carry out warranty work on all types of equipment.

If you would like to speak to our heater experts,

call 01792 469595 or email shorts.stores@btconnect.com.

This department specialises in the maintenance and installation of vehicle heaters. The heater works independently of the engine and provides heat for drivers cabs, work cabins, freight compartments and marine applications. We can service and repair Eberspacher Vehicle and Marine heaters, both water and air types.

We can also supply & fit heated hand wash basins.

 For more information, please E-Mail us HERE.