We are equipped with TWO Digital rolling roads, providing customers with excellent service and quick turnaround for full installations, repairs, 6 year calibrations and 2 year checks. We can calibrate, service and repair all makes of Tacho systems.

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Tachograph department opening times:

 0830hrs to 1700hrs Monday to Friday, other times by appointment only.

Who should use a Tachograph?

A motor vehicle for commercial use thats maximum permissable weight OR combination of vehicle AND trailer exceeds 3,500kg.

A motor vehicle used for commercial OR non-commercial use where the maximum permissable weight or combination of vehicle AND trailer exceeds 7,500kg.

Minibuses with between 10 and 17 seats used for the commercial carriage of passengers in the UK only.

 Vehicles with 10 seats or more used in an international journey whether commercial OR non-commercial.

For more information, contact VOSA by phone on 0300 123 9000


Downloading your digital data - A legal requirement

 There are two separate requirements for Tacho data processing:

The first is to archive charts or digital data for a period of one year. UK legislation requires that an operator using vehicles fitted with a digital tachograph MUST download the drivers card every 28 days and the vehicle unit every 56 days.

The second requirement is to demonstrate compliance with the EU Drivers Hours Regulations (561/2006) by evaluating analogue and digital data, bringing any faults and infringements to the drivers attention and taking any necessary steps to ensure the faults and infringements are not repeated.

To meet these legal requirements we can supply genuine VDO download equipment and software. The most common solution is TIS-WEB and this is currently priced at £295+VAT. This price includes the downloadkey II, drivers card reader and access to the VDO servers for printing out reports and analysis. For a full description of the equipment and software click HERE  (This takes you to an external video).

For smaller operators, we can supply the new DLK Pro for just £215+VAT. This state-of-the-art download key has an LCD window to show your data and a slot to download your drivers card. Using this downloadkey plus printing out and analysing 25-35% of your driving (approved by VOSA) will comply with the current law on download and analysis.


DLK Pro is now much faster at securely downloading your data and now gives you an audio as well as visual indication that your download is finished. The storage has been improved and it can now store up to 1500 two-monthly downloads. It is also the only download device that can download the VDO specific data including "per-second" speed data.

We now operate a Tachograph Analysis Bureau. Bring your Driver card in to us and we will download, analyse and print out the required legal documents for a small fee.


Remote download equipment.

DLD® is the comfortable solution for transferring mass memory and driver card data by wireless. The download process is controlled from the office computer, which means that the company card can stay in the office. Driver and vehicle data can then be downloaded in compliance with the legal deadlines for downloading and transferred directly to the TIS archive. At no time does a company card have to be inserted in the digital tachograph.

Europe-wide via GPRS

When you use the DLD® Wide Range, data is transferred to a VDO download server via a mobile wireless network (GPRS). You can access the VDO server via TIS-WEB. Mass memory and driver card downloading can thus take place anywhere and at anytime.

DTCO® SmartLink: The smart solution for the DTCO®

The DTCO® SmartLink is an efficient and smart solution to use your DTCO® with a Smart Phone. It is a Bluetooth module that can simply be paired up with your phone and your VDO DTCO®. By linking a Smart Phone users have more functionality such as independent HMI-workflows and customized reports/ outputs.

The most important innovations at a glance:

  • How to: Use the DTCO® SmartLink and the Apps
    The DTCO® SmartLink is an efficient and smart solution for the connection of the DTCO®SmartLink with a Smart Phone. Learn how to connect the DTCO SmartLink and how to install the Apps.
  • Short profile: All technical facts at a glance: Have a look at the technical data of the DTCO®SmartLink. See at a glance the amount of driving time remaining....
  • The Future is: ITS ready
    In the traffic of tomorrow all drivers and fleets need to be connected. The VDO DTCO® 2.0 is ready for this today.

For more information about DTCO Smartlink, email us HERE or call today on 01792 469595.


Road Speed limiters

 In addition to the Tachograph department, we are also fully trained on Road Speed Limiters, including Installation, calibration and repair of Siemens VDO (Lucas), Zirkon (Econocruise) and Groeneveld systems.