List of Short Hair Cat Breeds

List of domestic shorthair cat breeds

Abyssinian - for the unknown reasons at Abyssinian cats males, than females is more often are born. Kittens very slowly, though and faster the Somali develop. Abyssinian cats are elegant and graceful.

American Shorthair cat - differs good health, boldness; the good hunter.

Bengal - thanks to the origin from a wild cat possesses corresponding temperament, has a sound health and endurance.

Bombay – domestic shorthair cat breeds, character fine, tender and peaceful.

British Shorthair - animals quiet, lovely, tender. Possess the big mobility, in difference from the Persian cats.

Burmese - an excellent pet, it is extremely sociable and likes to be on friendly terms. Easily gets on with any member of a family.

Burmilla - possesses the counterbalanced character, in a society of other cats it is not aggressive, likes to play with various subjects. Wool is necessary for cleaning regularly.

Cornish Rex - can be excellent glamour a cat, capable to decorate any interior, to surprise friends of owners with the unusual appearance and sociable character.

Donskoy or Don Sphynx - are strong, brawny domestic shorthair cats are very clever, tender, very much love a society of people.

Egyptian Mau - character friendly, playful, tender. An elegant, harmonous cat with thickset brawny a body.

European Shorthair - usually it graceful and beautiful, unpretentious and tender, but thus does not bother, easily takes root into a rhythm and style of life of owners.

Exotic Shorthair - animal quiet, tender, quick and playful.

Korat - playful domestic cats, but very jealous, and therefore they are better for bringing up in loneliness. Whenever possible, in a society only 2 adult people.

Ocicat – shorthair cat are very sociable, give in to training from the earliest age and do not love long loneliness.

Oriental Shorthair - character oriental shorthair cats quiet, tender It is vigorous and mobile, extremely sociable, clever. Is easily trained to approach, when her name is, brings a toy. At a choice of a cat on character, it is possible to tell that it is one of the best variants.

Peterbald - gentle, but strong and elegant breed of naked cats. Animals have now a long body, long extremities and a long tail.

Russian Blue – to them fidelity is peculiar to owners. They originally show it, rising on hinder legs, embracing a foot of the owner and thus silently "sing".

Siamese - the nice, tender, gentle animal very betrayed to the owners. Quickly reacts and adapts to changes in mood of the owner.

Singapura – domestic cat graceful, very cheerful and mobile cat, obedient, interesting. It is loved by children.

Snowshoe - love people. They very gentle, charming, tender, affectionate, never happen in a nervous condition.

Thai (Old-style Siamese) - perhaps, their most characteristic line — attachment to the person. They prefer dialogue with the person even if in the house there are still other animals.

Ukrainian Levkoy - work on breed creation has been begun in 2000.

The list will be supplemented