Shortcuts To Adiabaticity (STA)

Bilbao, July 16 -- 20, 2012
International Organizers:  
J. G. Muga 
(Bilbao),  D. Guéry-Odelin (Toulouse) 
A. Ruschhaupt (Hannover),  O. Morsch (Pisa)      
Local Organizers (QUINST, UPV/EHU)    
X. Chen, S. Ibáñez, I. Lizuain, S. Martínez, M. Palmero, E. Torrontegui
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In a quantum "adiabatic process", the external parameters of the Hamiltonian are varied slowly and the populations of the system in the instantaneous basis remain constant.
Adiabatic processes are ubiquitous in cold atom physics, nuclear magnetic resonance, optics and other fields. They are very useful to prepare states robustly versus perturbations but, in many cases they take too long and may become impractical. This has prompted a surge of theoretical and experimental activity to speed them up and find shortcuts to adiabaticity. Some of the applications are trap expansions an contractions, transport (e. g. for quantum information processing), internal state engineering and population transfer (as in NMR), quantum adiabatic computing, BEC manipulations (such as splitting), or microscopy of quantum correlations. Techniques based on Lewis-Riesenfeld invariants, optimal control theory, counter-diabatic or transitionless driving approaches, fast-forward scaling, and composite adiabatic passage (CAP) have been used or proposed. Related relevant concepts are superadiabaticity or the quantum brachistochrone. Fundamental implications on quantifying the third principle and quantum-speed limits are also being explored.
This work is emerging as a new transversal field of Atomic, Molecular and Optical (AMO) Science with a potential impact in many branches of Physics, Chemistry and technology. The STA workshop will gather for the first time researchers active in the field and other interested participants.

General information

Number of speakers
We consider about 20 invited speakers. A poster session might also be organized depending on the requests.

Registration fee
A fee of 100 euros will cover coffee breaks and an informal welcome party. It should be paid  after your application has been accepted.
Congress Venue
Bizkaia Aretoa: New facilities of the UPV/EHU at Ramon Rubial Street, near the Guggenheim. We have a Conference hall and 2 smaller rooms for discussions equipped with Wi-Fi.

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