PITTCON 2014 THz Spectroscopy and Imaging Overview and Detection of Noncovalent Bonds for Medicine and Biomedical Applications

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March 6, 2014 (8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.)   
McCormick Place, Chicago, IL USA
Program (03/Feb/2014 Updated)

1) Dr. Katsuhiro AJITO, NTT, JAPAN

Opening, "THz Spectroscopy and Imaging Overview and Detection of Noncovalent Bonds for Medicine and Biomedical Applications" (15 min)

2) Prof. Magda O. El-Shenawee, University of Arkansas, USA (KEYNOTE SPEAKER)

“Terahertz Imaging Technology for Margin Assessment of ex-vivo Breast Cancer Tumors” (60 min)

3) Dr. Kato Eiji, Advantest America, Inc., USA (INVITED SPEAKER)

"THz Instrumentation Technology and Applications" (45 min)

4Dr. Zachary Taylor, UCLA, USA (KEYNOTE SPEAKER)

"THz Imaging of Burns" (60 min)


"THz Spectroscopic Analysis of Collagen Fibers" (45 min)

6) Dr. Katsuhiro AJITO, NTT, JAPAN

"THz Spectroscopic Imaging of Pharmaceutical Cocrystals" (45 min)

7) Dr. Richard McKay, Advantest America, Inc., USA

"THz Measurement Demonstration Using Advantest TAS Systems" (120 min )


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Course Description:

Terahertz (THz) spectroscopy is advantageous in analytical chemistry because it can identify noncovalent bonds and intermolecular interactions of chemical compounds. Recent advances in THz components such as ultrashort pulsed lasers and photoconductive antennas, have improved the sensitivity of THz time-domain (TDS) spectroscopy and have made the THz spectroscopic imaging possible. THz spectroscopic imaging can reveal hydrogen bond distributions and will be a very powerful tool in biology, pharmacology, and life sciences.

This short course is for THz beginners, which includes basic terahertz instrumentation training of 120 min. The THz spectroscopy and imaging techniques are valuable for the process analytical technology (PAT) and diagnosis for breast cancer or burned skin, which are lectured by two keynote speakers. The pharmaceutical cocrystals can be distinguished by THz spectroscopy which is much easier than by Raman spectroscopy.  The basic analytical methods of the pharmaceutical cocrystals and collagen fibers of skins are also lectured.

Target Audience:

1. Developers of pharmaceutical tablets
2. Researchers and developers of cancer and burn diagnoses
3. Developers of cosmetics
4. Researchers using infrared spectroscopy and Raman spectroscopy

THz Measurement Demonstration:
Advantest TAS7500 Series Terahertz Spectroscopic / Imaging System

Supported by:
Division of Terahertz Spectroscopy
The Spectroscopical Society of Japan


Katsuhiro Ajito