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# 006

posted Nov 14, 2012, 11:53 PM by Daniel Wilkins

A question from Shihan Mike O'Grady on the naihanchi kata that I teach: I teach a total of six naihanchi forms. The first three are simply naihanchi shodan, naihanchi nidan and naihanchi sandan as taught by Itosu Ankoh and passed down to Chibana Choshin Dai Sensei. The 4th one is naihanchi nu kata as taught by Yabu Kentsu. He did not like the pinan series. He felt that the pinan series was a watered down version of orthodox karatedoh and hence he did not offer instruction in those kata. He then 'elongated' the naihanchi nu kata to 89 movements. The 5th and 6th kata are called naihanchi no go (hard naihanchi) and naihanchi no ju (soft/fast naihanchi). These last two are very rarely taught and are a little bit hard to describe.

More on the last two at a later date. And, more on my favorite research topic, the patsai forms.