Yamakan Dojo

Ogasawara-ha Shorinjiryu Karate-Do is an authentic classical Japanese Martial Way rooted in Zen tradition.

It includes empty hand training, weapons training, and Zen meditation in an austere traditional Dojo setting.  It is a classical warrior path designed to foster intellectual, spiritual, and physical growth in those who train in the art.

It is "Old School" style Karate-Do training, taught and practiced as it has been for centuries.  The art has been handed down from teacher to disciple throughout that time.  It has been refined by trial and error throughout its history to be efficient and effective as defense.  It a comprehensive system of martial arts, the original ancient form of "mixed martial arts". The practice of the art helps one to develop a strong body, gain insights, become better educated, and to develop spiritually.  It is truly a path through life, a comprehensive pursuit of becoming a stronger and more enlightened person.

The Sensei (teacher) began training in Karate-Do in 1974 and is currently the National Director for the system in the USA.  His Sensei began training in 1957, received direct instruction in the art for 17 years in Japan, and is currently the Director of the International Division for the art.  Both are under the direct supervision of the Director of the system in Japan.

The Yamakan Dojo (school) of Ogasawara-ha Shorinjiryu Karate-Do is located in the north metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia area near Marietta.  It is open to all adults and responsible teenagers who are interested in becoming an earnest student and wish to train in a consistent manner with other dedicated students.  The dojo welcomes people of all ages, ethnicities, beliefs, and genders. 

Please feel free to browse our website for more information about our system, our dojo and classes.