Box Tops for Education

The PTO collects coupons that are called "Box Tops for Education". Each coupon collected is worth 10 cents for our school. Look on the packaging (box) for this coupon on products made by General Mills, Nature Valley, Juicy Juice, Hefty, Go-gurt, Kleenex®, Hefty®, Ziploc®, Pillsbury®, Cheerios®, Betty Crocker® and more! That small change adds up quickly and really makes a difference for the school.

The Box Tops for Education coupon that you'll find on products looks like this:

How to submit Box Tops: Cut and save the Box Tops coupons in a small Ziploc-type bag labeled with your student’s name and teacher's name (a small piece of paper enclosed in the bag works well as a label). Students can turn in the bag of Box Tops to their classroom or the Box Top collection box in the school's front office.

For more information about the program, please visit the Box Tops for Education site or contact us.