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How we raise money
The PTO is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that relies on donations to provide the events, programs, equipment, and supplies our school and students need. Our main source of funds comes from our Annual Appeal. This happens only once a year, at the start of the school year.  At that time, we ask school families to contribute what they can. We do not participate in fundraisers that require students sales.

How is the money spent
We start by asking the school what it needs the most. We then work with the school to try to fund its most pressing needs. In the past, we have paid for requested equipment such as risers for music classes and school performances, a kiln for the art room, general office supplies for classrooms, and sensory items for each classroom. Every year we also give each staff member money to be used at their discretion for school-based needs,  and we contribute to the school's field trip scholarship fund. We also fund school clubs and programs to enrich students' education and bring community members together

How to donate
You can use the donate button below or pay by check. To donate via check, please 1) include your name, address, and email address; 2) make the check payable to "SHES PTO"; and 3) either drop it off at the school's front office or mail it to:  

    Shorewood Hills Elementary School PTO   
    1105 Shorewood Blvd
    Madison, WI 53705 

Receipts available upon request. 

The school has a list of current funding needs that range from less expensive items such as headphones for the computer lab to changes that require major funding, including enclosed ceiling fans for the gym and overhaul of the outdated teacher workroom. 

For more information on the school needs or questions about donating, please contact us via email: Link.

Donate Now!