Junior Great Books
The 2016-17 Junior Great Books Program (JGB) is now open for registration. Junior Great Books is an extracurricular reading enrichment program, run by PTO volunteers, not MMSD or Shorewood administrators. It is designed to give kids added exposure to reading, critical thinking, and literature from around the world. Readings are all in English. There is no ESL support provided, but multilingual parents are encouraged to help. The program involves minimal homework.

The JGB program begins in late January, after winter break. Enrollment must take place by FRIDAY DECEMBER 9, for the correct number of textbooks to be ordered. The program lasts about 10 weeks, depending on the number of readings in each textbook. Sessions are organized by class level. They are held ONCE A WEEK, during lunch and lunch recess. Kinder and First grade sessions will be from approximately 11-11:45 am; Second and Third grade 11:45-12:30pm; Fourth and Fifth grade 11:30-12:15. Children are encouraged to bring cold lunch, but students who need hot lunch may stop at the lunchroom, pick up their food, and bring it to their JGB classroom.

Because participating kids will miss one recess per week, parents should discuss the program with their children BEFORE enrolling them. Some children would rather have recess, and without it, may bring disruptive behavior into the classroom.

If you volunteer to lead a session, you'll be responsible for the full session. While it is a temporary volunteer position, please don't sign up if you are only available for one or two weeks. If you can and wish to split the position in half with another parent, however, that would be manageable. Feel free to contact Erin Clune (erin.clune@gmail.com) with any questions about teaching and enrollment. The program costs $30 to cover the price of the books, which students may keep. After completing this online form, bring a check or cash payment to the school office;there is a Junior Great Books folder behind the desk. Complete a separate form for each child.

Deadline for enrollment is Friday, December 9th.

To enroll a student in the Junior Great Books program: please use this form

To receive more information or volunteerplease contact us.