Opera for the Young

Opera for the Young is a Wisconsin-based non-profit organization that brings live, professional to elementary schools. They tour schools and hold productions of fully-staged operas sung in English and adapted for school aged- kids. Students appear onstage in chorus and cameo roles, performing Opera for the Young's professional artists. When they tour Shorewood Hills Elementary, many teachers work the material they use into the curriculum to provide students with opportunities to learn more about music, lyrics, and other related issues.

As a non-profit that works to keep costs low for schools, Opera for the Young engages in fundraising on its own. This allows it offer its tour to our school at 40% of the actual cost. At the request of the school, the PTO, using money it raised in its annual appeal, helps cover the final price to the school.

For more information about Opera for the Young as an organization, please visit their web page: Link.

March 1st
The school gym