Want to be more involved?
There are many ways to help!

Year-long volunteer commitments
  • Consider joining our Executive PTO Board! We meet monthly to discuss the various PTO events and ways we can help our school. Below is a list of PTO Board positions open for next year along with their responsibilities. If anything is of interest, please email us!
    • Vice President: During the year you will shadow the current Presidents, because the assumption is you will be President of the PTO the following academic year. Responsibility is low for this other than attending meetings and helping out where time allows. 
  • We have many other volunteer positions! We are also looking for the following positions to be filled on the PTO for next academic year 2017/2018
    Co-Volunteer Recruiter
    Lunchroom Volunteer Coordinator
    Clubs and Programs Coordinator
    Staff Meal Coordinator
    Yearbook Coordinator
    Teacher Appreciation Week Coordinator
    Shadows for either Chess Club or Junior Great Books (with the intention to lead it in the future)
    Communications Team Members (Translators)
    Fundraising Committee Volunteers

  • Lunchroom Volunteer: Come help out our little ones open their milks, get their lunches, and clean up a few spills
  • Classroom Volunteer: Contact your child’s teacher to find out specific opportunities

One-time volunteer commitments
  • Halloween Party 
  • International Week
  • Book Fair Volunteer
  • Science Night
  • Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week
  • Picture Day Volunteer
  • Vision Screening Day Volunteer
  • Classroom Volunteer: Contact your child's teacher to find out specific opportunities

If any of these opportunities interest you, please contact us for more details!

Thank you!

Volunteer Background Checks
Please note: The Madison Metropolitan School District requires that all volunteers undergo a background check. To receive a form, please go to the school's front office or click on the following (you may need to use the Chrome browser to view the form):  MMSD Volunteer Background Check form

You must turn in a completed form to the school's front office prior to volunteering. So if you are considering volunteering for the first time, also consider completing a form. Volunteers who have previously completed a form and who have not had any changes to the information requested by the form do not need to submit another one.