Source Code

Shore-MT is maintained and used by DIAS (Data Intensive Applications and Systems) lab at EPFL and it has all the features done in various research projects on Shore-MT; such as Speculative Lock Inheritance (SLI), efficient logging with Aether, and support for DORA and PLP designs. Moreover, it has support for Shore-Kits, which is an application layer for Shore-MT where many standard benchmarks, like TPC-B, TPC-C, TATP, etc., are implemented.

The source codes for both Shore-MT and Shore-Kits are maintained in The site also provides a bug tracking system where the known bugs will be reported and also external users can report bugs. In addition, a more comprehensive documentation on both Shore-MT and Shore-Kits is given in the Wiki pages.

An older branch of Shore-MT is maintained by University of Wisconsin and can be downloaded from here. However, this version does not have various features developed by DIAS lab at EPFL and PDL at CMU; such as optimizations on logging and locking and different design options like DORA/PLP (more information on these features can be found in research publications page). Moreover, it does not have Shore-Kits support.