In order to study the behavior and challenges the standardized OLTP benchmarks pose on modern storage managers, we implement them on top of Shore-MT and distribute them as a suite of database benchmarks, called Shore-Kits. In other words, Shore-Kits is an open-source suite of OLTP benchmarks for the Shore-MT storage manager. Shore-MT does not have an SQL front end, a query parser, and an optimizer. Shore-Kits has the implementation of the benchmarks in C++ using direct calls to Shore-MT’s storage manager API, which is linked as a static library to the executable. The transaction or query plans as well as some of the index decisions are taken from the products of various major database vendors.

With some programming effort and code refactoring, one can port Shore-Kits to other storage managers by changing the API calls to match the target storage manager’s API.

In addition, the major functionality that administers the communication in DORA and PLP transactions is also inside Shore-Kits.

Benchmarks implemented in Shore-Kits:
  • OLAP: TPC-H and SSB
  • Hybrid: CH-benCHmark (coming soon)