The Cybears

This year FTC Team 10379 is partnering with Stonington High School. The Stonington High School mascot is the bears, so we have created our own mascot, and our new team name, the Cybears

This years challenge is the Velocity Vortex, and we are hard at work on our robot to perform well at competition. Feel free to check it out, it is very interesting! We are working hard to ensure success at our competition in January. 

We have many new members this season who are ready to work their hardest to build, program, and compete with their robot. Our Cybears team is determined to do very well at this competing season. Also check out some pictures we have uploaded to keep you updated in our progress.       

Our regular meetings are Tuesdays and Fridays after school (2-4 pm). Feel free to stop by!                          
Building the robot

Building the game pieces