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It has taken us literally years of hard work to compile such an extensive list of wholesale suppliers - most businesses take years to build a directory of contacts and they still wouldn't come close to the size and the quality of SaleHoo. You get the benefit of all these years of work at the click of a button - this is truly cutting-edge material!

And, you can access it all right now, instantly, on a completely risk-free basis!

Ever wish that you could do business along with the big boys? How do you get started? You are about to discover how to access the best wholesale discount deals to be had from a variety of sources across the globe. You have the benefit of knowing you are getting the best deal available so that you can save yourself the maximum amount of money when purchasing, and make the maximum amount of profit when selling them on. And you have the benefit of knowing that your customers are getting the best quality products at affordable prices!

With this information you'll learn to access brand name products at ridiculously cheap prices. You can have the best quality

...and all at prices that are going to amaze you! We were amazed at how cheap all of this stuff is, and it's so freely available. You just have to know where to find it! But just as important, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you can sell these products easily. After all, why pay full price for inferior goods when you can have top designer brands like Dolce and Gabbana, Sony, Gucci, Apple, Diesel, Air Jordan, Guess, Evisu, Panasonic, Seven, Motorola and True Religion for the same amount of money? It's not rocket science, its just plain common sense! These are designer brand goods at heavily discounted wholesale prices. A guaranteed winner!

By learning our secrets of how to source wholesale and sell these quality brand name items, you are going to be able to enjoy record profits on items that are going to sell themselves. Whether its just for your benefit, or for a second income, or if it is your main source of income, SaleHoo is going to open doors to markets you never even knew existed.

YOU will be the envy of your friends and business colleagues by having access to suppliers that will help you grow your business and generate extra income. YOU will have a rare advantage, as you have access to wholesale sources that will get you and your customers whatever products you want.

So...What Exactly Will You Get When You Join SaleHoo?


Drop Ship Suppliers: The best drop ship suppliers available on the internet. No joining fees, No inventory, No Minimum Orders! These suppliers will send the product directly to your buyer from their warehouse, so that you as the retailer do not have to store stock on your premises or prepare and package it for shipping.


Wholesale Suppliers: Get Instant Access to Thousands of Genuine Wholesale suppliers that will supply you with low cost wholesale products. Brand Name, Genuine Goods that you can purchase with Minimum Orders Levels as low as $150! Buy in bulk and save even more!


Liquidation and Closeout Specialists: Genuine, Brand Name suppliers for bulk purchasing from some of the top department store liquidators and closeout suppliers. These suppliers have products available for well BELOW WHOLESALE prices thus this is a great opportunity to get extremely cheap stock and make HUGE PROFITS on eBay!


Factory Manufacturers: Able to offer members the lowest prices available DIRECT FROM THE FACTORY, however because selling to retailers is not their primary business, you need to expect to buy minimum orders of 1000+ units at a time.


Suppliers From Australia:Our database contains suppliers from Australia as well as global suppliers that are more than happy to ship products to Australia!


Suppliers from Asia: Get access to the CLOSEST source to the factories direct from countries such as China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. This is a great way to increase your profits if you are selling online!


Legitimate and Authentic: You will get online legitimate and authentic suppliers for almost any brand name product. The keywords here are legitimate and authentic! Click here for some proof


Brand Name Products: Access to the best branded, high demand products. What use is it having access to products that are cheap but don't sell? Exactly, No Use! Brands such as Nike, Sony, Apple, Prada, Nokia....You name it we got it!


Daily Updates: Our database is updated every single working day of the year by our fulltime sourcing team! We are constantly verifying and adding new suppliers to our database that pass our screening tests and that are happy to be listed on SaleHoo! No need to have out of date suppliers anymore!


Lifetime Membership: Yes! Pay now and you will NEVER pay anymore in the future, period! No monthly or yearly fees!

We Also Provide The Following!


A 3 Way Rating System: Suppliers in our directory are rated both by SaleHoo, Independent eBay Powersellers and by SaleHoo members, so you know exactly what you're getting from truly independent sources!


Fully Searchable Database: Simply enter the product you're looking for, and we'll give you a list of suppliers offering that product. It's as simple as that.


Private Members Forum: Chat to others in the same boat as you and benefit from others knowledge! Got a question you need answered? Post it here and you will get different opinions to help you make an informed decision!


Education and Training: We've created videos and other training material. Step by Step Guide to Using and Mastering eBay which explains everything you need to sell - EXCELLENT for ALL eBay users or potential users! SaleHoo Private Members Resources for Business Startups and Importing


Fulltime Customer Support: We have full time staff support members and sourcing the latest suppliers in all fields and new sources are added daily. You will be the first to hear about any new suppliers!

Are you looking for top-quality, brand-name goods at

wholesale prices?

Want to find RELIABLE sources and a VARIETY of goods?

Want QUALITY, UP-TO-DATE information from a

TRUSTED source?

SaleHoo is a wholesale supplier directory specializing in finding and reviewing wholesale suppliers, manufacturers, dropshippers and liquidators. Whether you're selling goods on eBay or just looking for a bargain for yourself, SaleHoo can save you money and frustration.

With SaleHoo, you can be sure that you will find only the best and most GENUINE, LEGITIMATE wholesalers and distributors that will sell you original, brand new, products at the most unbelievably discounted prices, plus thousands of other wholesale suppliers that will ship anywhere in the world and even some of the time the shipping is FREE!

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Convenience of Online Shopping

By: cher k

As the holiday season gets into full swing, online shopping really picks up. It is a delightful way to find presents you would not find so easily close to home and you get to avoid the crowds.

Shopping online has many advantages, especially if you are shopping for family and friends who are far away. If you are going to have to ship the presents anyhow, shopping online can save you a trip to a crowded post office and the wait in line. That alone can make shopping online worth it.

The challenge can be deciding where to shop. There are all the big names, of course, such as Amazon, but when you want to stand out there are many more great options out there

Comparison shopping is also easier online. You do not have to go all over town to see who has the best price. You can search various sites and figure it out for yourself. No car, no gas, no crowds. You just have to appreciate that.

Shop when it is convenient for you. Online stores are open 24/7/365. It does not matter what time is convenient to you, the websites are there waiting for you. If you have to shop for your own children it can be much easier to do the shopping online than to try and sneak presents past them.

There are, of course, some disadvantages to online shopping too. You need to be certain that the merchant uses your credit card and personal information appropriately.

Before you buy anywhere, check the privacy policy and make sure the merchant is using a secure connection for taking your information. You will also want to check return policies. Returns should be fairly easy.

Here is a list of tips you should consult when shopping online:

1.Trust your instincts:
If you do not feel comfortable buying or bidding on an item over the web, or if you feel pressured to place your order immediately, maybe you should not.

2.Be knowledgeable about web-based auctions:
Take special care to familiarize yourself not only with the rules and policies of the auction site itself but with the legal terms (warranties, refund policy, etc.) of the seller's items that you wish to bid on.

3.Double check pricing:
Be suspicious of prices that are too good to be true. Also consider carefully whether you may be paying too much for an item, particularly if you are bidding through an auction site.

You may want to comparison shop, online or offline, before you buy. Make sure there are not extra shipping or handling costs.

4.Find and read the privacy policy:
Read the privacy policy carefully to find out what information the seller is gathering from you, how the information will be used, and how you can stop the process

5.Review the return, refund, and shipping and handling policies as well as the other legal terms:
If you can not find them, ask the seller through an e-mail or telephone call to indicate where they are on the site or to provide them to you in writing. See Legal Terms.

6.Make sure the Internet connection is secure:
Before you give your payment information, check for indicators that security software is in place. See Security.

7.Use the safest way to pay on the Internet:
Pay for your order using a credit card. See Payment.

8.Print the terms:
You should print out and date a copy of terms, conditions, warranties, item description, company information, even confirming e-mails, and save them with your records of your purchase. See Recordkeeping.

9.Insure the safe delivery of your item:
If you are concerned you may not be home when your package is delivered and that someone may take it if it is left on the doorstep, ask whether you can specify that the shipper must receive a signature before leaving the package.

Or, it may be safer to have the package delivered to your office. See Delivery.

10.Inspect your purchase:
Look at your purchase carefully as soon as you receive it. Contact the seller as soon as possible if you discover a problem with it. Tell the seller in writing about any problems you have, ask for a repair or refund, and keep a copy of your correspondence. See Legal Terms.

11.Do you know to whom to complain or contact if you are not satisfied or have a question?
Check the site for a customer service page, contact us link, e-mail address, or phone number to get your complaint addressed or questions answered.

If you have a complaint, ask for what you think is fair even if it is more than the legal terms stated. A merchant is not forbidden from doing more than required to make the customer happy.

Online shopping can be a real delight when everything goes smoothly. However, it is not for everyone and it may not always be all that easy.

Article Source: http://ezarticles.net


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