Keeping it local, GREEN and interesting
Catch a ride to shop local (Eco Trends VB)

You can always find the great locally made goods

as well as Fair Trade and other sustainable items

at Eco Trends VB, 3157 VB Blvd #107, VB 23452

We are also at the Old Beach Green Market at 19th and Cypress Ave on Saturday mornings May through Oct.

Watch for the big SHOP GREEN 757 sign near the shop and at the markets to know you're supporting local businesses and producers who give back to this community and support initiatives for a more sustainable environment.

Stop and think the next time you shop: Where does this come from, and what happens to it after I dispose of it?  What is the impact of this purchase? Does the person who made it benefit from my choosing to buy it? Will I get it for a short time and then discard it for an eternity in a landfill or worse yet, in the ocean? 

In our Hampton Roads 757 area code there are small business owners who are passionate about the green alternative. They search for or create shopping options which have positively answered many of the questions listed above.  They offer alternatives to single use plastics, or upcycle and repurpose items which spare the landfills of some still useful but discarded items. Small local 757 business owners look into who produces the goods and whether or not the people who make the products are being fairly paid and treated. These local business owners are passionate about bringing those types of items to their local buying public.

Did you know that reports show that each dollar spent at local independent business returns three times more money to the local economy than for each dollar spent at a large chain store? Plus you will be introduced to your community's distinct personality and see the unique products created within your community as well.  Small independent businesses generate more tax revenue per sales dollar and small businesses donate more than twice as much per sales dollar to local non-profits/events/teams compared to big chains and corporations.  Small independent businesses pay overall better wages and hire more people as well.

Think green, think sustainable, think local.  Shop Green 757.

Plastic Beverage Bottles - take 450 years to breakdown but in the sun and salt water--they break into smaller pieces which resemble food for marine life.  -there are GREEN alternatives

Plastic knives/forks/spoons-  The International Coastal Cleanup volunteers collect enough utensils in one day to host a picnic for every resident in Washington DC. - bamboo and other alternatives are available

Plastic Grocery Bags - pose high risks to sea turtles when they blow into the ocean as they mistake them for jellyfish. -either make sure they get recycled or better yet, don't use them at all.  There are great reusable options available.