Illawarra Regional Shooting Association
Target Rifle, Pistol and Hunting Clubs
                                                                    Members competing in Rimfire Silhouette Competition on Hilltop Rifle Range

Illawarra Regional Shooting Association Inc.
P.O. Box 123 Dapto NSW 2530

To contact us, please use our email address, or for all inquiries phone 0438303223.

For members only, needing to contact the club Registrar about any membership issue, please email

Target Pistol Approval 408906183
Target Rifle Approval 407466048
Hunting Club Approval 407466056

The Club reports to the NSW Police Firearms Registry in September each year. Members who have elected to capitate with our club need to send a copy of their attendance form (with copies of receipts from other clubs if these attendances are being included), to reach the Assistant Registrar, at the postal address (above) before September 1st each year. Alternatively, a scanned copy of your form & attached receipts (if any) can be emailed to the Registrar (see above).
However, if you have been using an older form don't worry. Just switch to the new forms for future shoots.
Separate attendance forms for the rifle club (RC) and for the hunting club (HC) are attached below.
Gordon O'Donnel is collecting & collating
all attendance forms. You may email him at or post (P.O. Box 123 Dapto 2530) or hand your attendance form copies to him directly.
Please keep your original attendance sheets and only send in copies; mail does get lost.

To maintain your firearms (long arms) license, EACH YEAR you need to show that you have;
(a) attended 4 target shooting events (if your license is endorsed for target shooting) &/or
(b) if your license is endorsed for hunting, you need to have provided the Police Firearms Registry with a copy of a land owner's letter of approval for you to hunt there,
OR if you have a Game Council R License send a copy to the Firearms Registry requesting that it be recorded.
OR you need to attend 2 club hunting club shoots & have your attendance sheet stamped. A hunting club shoot is held at the end of virtually every club target shoot.

NB if you are relying on a land owner's letter, be aware that if permission is revoked, or if the property is sold, your reason to hunt is immediately extinguished, in which case you need to get another letter immediately, or you can join our hunting club & do your 2 annual shoots, or join the hunting club & also get a Game Council license. If you update a land owner's letter or get a Game Licence, you should notify the Police Firearms Registry ASAP.
If, for some good reason you cannot comply with the attendance requirements to keep your firearms license, we advise that you put your circumstances in writing to the Firearms Registry, asking them to consider your case.

Club meetings are held at the Balgownie Community Centre, opposite the Leagues club, on the 4th Friday of each month (excluding December), beginning at 7.30 pm. All members, intending members and visitors are welcome to attend.

Shooting and Ranges.
All club rifle shooting takes place at the Hilltop Regional Shooting Complex, Hilltop (near Mittagong) NSW. A copy of the club calendar can be found below. New members have three months from the date of joining in which to take both a practical safety test, and a short written safety test
both conducted by Range Officers. Both tests relate to safety and safe personal conduct while on the range. What members need to know is contained in the attached Rifle Range Safety Rules and is demonstrated by Range Officers and members at shoots. Ask your Range Officer for any clarification of these rules.
PLEASE NOTE; Range fees are now collected by an employee of the Department of Sport and Recreation at the caravan beside the Hilltop Range building  up near the entry gate. Please follow the sign on the road. The range will be open from about 8.30 am on range days. Competition fees are now free for IRSA members, and just $5 for visitors to cover targets and trophies. These are payable to the IRSA official running the day's competition. Please register early, so as not to delay the start of competition at 10 am.
Members please note:-  The 800 metre range is now open for centrefire and rimfire shooting. Sound barriers and testing have allowed shooting at most ranges to resume.

Work to rectify problems with the new 500 metre range (including the pistol range) is well advanced although an opening date is not yet available.

Club Services.
Target shooting competitions are conducted as shown in the club calendar. Pistol competitions are held on other ranges. Contact the club for details.
Rifle competitions are; Lever Action, Military, Metallic Silhouette, Bench Rest, Long Range Centrefire, Hunting Club (practice) and Black Powder.

Firearms Licence Testing. Testing and training are no longer carried out by the club. Persons seeking to obtain a Firearms License, (or a minor's permit for ages 12 yrs to under 18 yrs) should contact either  Darcy Baker (42615857 or 0411019933) or Laif on the club email address or club phone number (above), to arrange an appointment for training & license testing.  Details are in the Firearms Safety Training and Game License Tests attachment below.

Club Armorer. Buying, selling or swapping firearms (rifles, shotguns and pistols) can be done through the club armorer, provided that either (or both) of the seller or buyer is a member of this club. The armorer also offers some additional services. Ring the club for details. Fees may apply.

Try Shooting. It is now possible to try shooting before making the commitment to obtain a license or buy any equipment. Shooting is done on the Hilltop range, on a normal range day, under the direct supervision of a licenced person, using borrowed equipment. An official Police form must be completed and signed, declaring that there is no known legal reason why the applicant would be refused a firearms licence, should (s)he apply later. Fees apply. Applicants must read and strictly observe the Club's Rifle Range Safety Rules, attached below. The Range Captains have copies of the required form, which applicants can fill out on the range before shooting. Please ring the club in advance to advise of your intended visit.

New to Shooting? Looking for some advise on buying a first rifle
? If you are new to shooting, whether an adult or a junior, our advise is to buy a 22 rimfire rifle. For more details, click on and download the attached article below.

Unsure about how to Mount a Scope Sight on your Rifle? Click on & download our article on scope mounting attached below.

At what range should you sight in your hunting rifle? Click on and download our two articles "Sight in at Point blank Range 1 & 2" attached below.

Looking for some advise on reloading your hunting or varmint rifle for best accuracy?
Click on & download our article "Reloading Sporters for accuracy" attached below.

Interested in our Metallic Silhouette competition, or finding it difficult?
Click on & download our coaching guide attached below.
Our targets are regular sizes & are set out at normal distances, but are mounted as "spinners", so no setup is needed between details. Five shots are fired on each of the four silhouettes from the standing position per shooting detail. A match consists of 40 shots. A centrefire event is run on a different date (check the current calendar). Any calibre can be used, up to the sound level maximum of 308 or equivalent.
To get a general introduction to Metallic Silhouette shooting under standard rules try this.
Our current IRSA Silhouette Rules are downloadable from the list below.

Bench Rest Competitions are now being run on the 800m Hilltop Range.
Our first BR competition at Hilltop was held at the end of November 2015, with a big roll-up of members and visitors, including Robert Brown MLC.
The second BR competition was held at the end of May 2016. Twenty five shooters enjoyed the day, with very close final scores.
Our third BR shoot was held in November 2016 with 24 shooters, and our fourth on April 23rd 2017. The results can be down loaded from the list of downloads below. Only shooters' initials are used in results lists, to safeguard our privacy.
The aim of our BR shoots is to allow shooters using any rifle (up to the sound limit) to compete on equal terms, through the use of a 6X scope limit in the sporting rifle class, and the SSAA BR30 weight handicaps across all events. Shooters turn up with everything from air rifles to full BR rigs and everything in between. The success of the handicap system is shown by the fact that some very ordinary rifles won events and in every event scores were extraordinarily close. Future shoots will have a  similar format to our first one, but will evolve with the feedback we get and the time available.
The rules for these events are set out below in the download section. Please note however that we now shoot centrefire in two events only, Sporter and Open.
In these events, cross fires are a major problem, despite targets being well separated and clearly numbered. This is typical of shooters unused to range shooting. Please check your target number before every shot. Please check your completed targets carefully and report any suspected cross fires to the scorers ASAP. Shooters should check scored targets and score sheets during the matches so that errors can be corrected before the medal presentations.

Current Club Calendar.
A copy of the current Club Calendar is attached. Please down load if required. This file is in .pdf format which required the free Acrobat Reader program to access. Download Acrobat Reader at

The Shooters' Party Illawarra / IRSA Branch.
The local branch of the Party is attached to the IRSA. Shooters' Party meetings may be conducted after monthly IRSA meetings, at the same venue. However, for up to date information, membership renewals and enquiries, please visit the official web site .

Hearing Protection.
Shooting without hearing protection can quickly damage your hearing. This damage results in having real difficulty hearing what people are saying, especially children & especially in noisy places. Deafness isolates people from friends & family; causes irritability & depression in the sufferer. Get some good information at this web site. As a rule of thumb, when around centrefire shooting, experts recommend wearing a soft foam ear insert with a pair of over-ear muffs as well. Hearing protection is required at all IRSA events.

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