30X40 Shooting Bench

This is a page with pictures of the 30X40 DOA Tactical Shooting Bench in use.

Here is some info on the DOA Tactical Shooting Bench First:

1. DOA Tactical Shooting Bench tabletops are made out of 14 ply Maple,the shooting bench tabletop is treated with Thompson's water sealer to help protect it from the natural elements.DO NOT USE YOUR TABLE TOP AS A RAFT OR LEAVE IT OUTSIDE IT IS WOOD.

2. DOA Tactical Shooting Benches are painted with a camo pattern on the table top. The bottom of the table top is not painted however it is treated with Thompson's water sealer.

3. DOA Tactical Shooting Benches are made with a steel frame, they can hold a grown man of approximately 450lbs.

4. DOA Tactical Shooting Bench frames are all painted in a tan color, this helps to dissipate the heat when you are outdoors shooting off of your shooting bench, black or camo metal would get very hot.

5. DOA Tactical Shooting Benches are made here in the USA, St. George Utah to be exact.

6. DOA Tactical Shooting Benches are designed to be portable and as light weight as possible without compromising quality.

7. DOA Tactical Shooting Benches weight will slightly vary, the tabletop will vary between 32-38 lbs depending on the wood density, every piece of wood is different.

8. DOA Tactical Shooting Benches tripod weight is separate from the tabletop at approximately 38lbs

The 30X40 D.O.A. Tactical Shooting Bench is 579.00 UPS is included CONUS

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