Replacement Torque Cams

It’s no surprise to anyone that owns a ZG1000 that stock cams have a pitting issue, and almost every 86 - 2006 Concours has cams with some amount of cam pitting. In some cases, the pitting is extreme, and replacing the cams is in order. Why not replace the cams AND gain better performance from your Concours at the same time?  That was my intention in coming up with my new cam grind, along with making the cost much more reasonable than buying new cams. I feel I’ve met all those criteria with my new REPLACEMENT TORQUE CAMS.

When most folks think of installing cams, they think of higher rpm performance.  That’s a misconception; the cams are an integral part of the engine tuning, and indeed are the central point of establishing the engine’s “personality”. That said, we all know that the ZG1000 Concours need better low rpm and midrange performance, where we ride 99% of the time. 
The REPLACEMENT TORQUE CAMS are DYNO PROVEN to out power stock cams to over 7000 rpm. The throttle response and midrange power are greatly improved. And a solid idle at 800 rpm is pretty nice, too. There actually is a change in tone to the engine’s operation, it becomes much quieter in both intake and exhaust sound.
For those who are looking for increased longevity from their Concours, the REPLACEMENT TORQUE CAMS are designed to be very easy on the valve train components, so critical parts like rockers, valve stems, seats and guides are less affected during operation than they would be by stock ZG1000 cams. Perfect for a bike that already has some higher miles on it.

The REPLACEMENT TORQUE CAMS will work with stock carburetor jetting, or for extra performance, I’ve developed a dedicated 2 MINUTE MOD JET KIT just for these cams. See the Intake page for more info.

The Dyno comparison of a ZG1000 fitted with the torque replacement cams (ocampo) and a stock ZG1000 (mallory). Both done on the same dyno, same day.

I offer a core exchange program available and will refund the core charge upon receiving your old cams back. See the Products and Pricing page for more information.