Product    Cost
 Core Charge
 7th Gear Unit
$75.00 (refundable)

2 Minute Mod Jet Kit and Exhaust Sprocket   

 Performance Exhaust Sprocket  

2 Minute Mod Jet Kit

(for the Torque Replacement Cams)

If you are having me do the carb service and you have or will soon get the torque cams, notify me and I will install this jetting at no additional charge.


Shoodaben Engineering Carb Service

Kitting X 4 carbs

Deracking, replacing all fuel rail and vent orings, Generally for carbs 15 + years old



Overflow Tubes
(includes drain tube system)
 Replacement Torque Cams
 $65 (refundable)


The Shoodaben Engineering Carb Service, priced at $300, includes the 2 Minute Mod Jet Kit ($80) and the Overflow Tubes ($80) installed on your carbs.

The 7th gear unit is built on a custom order basis. You must contact me prior to sending in a payment so we can work out details. I can build your unit if you ship it to me or provide an exchange unit to you with a refundable core charge.

The cost of the 7th gear unit is $525.00. I charge a $75.00 refundable core charge if you choose to have me build one of my cores and ship it to you. Most folks go this way, it's easier for you to just do the swap in one afternoon, but it's your choice.

The Replacement Torque Cams are priced at $335. If you want to order the cams and pay the refundable core charge, you can install the Replacement Torque Cams in one afternoon and then ship me your cams for a refund of the core charge.

All prices include shipping in the lower 48 states in the US. Alaska, Hawaii and international rates are slightly higher.