Heat Shields

Left Side View

ZG Heat Shields were invented to help make the Concours (ZG1000 or GTR1000) more comfortable to ride. They help to greatly reduce the heat felt by the rider, but will not eliminate it. These are hot bikes, and the heat has to go somewhere. The goal is to reduce the thigh cooker and drive the heat lower where it is far less noticeable to the rider. They fill in a major gap between the fairing and fuel tank, but do not seal it off. Outside temperature, riding speeds and individual sensitivity to heat will all affect how much they reduce the heat felt by the rider. If you ride in very extreme temperatures or a lot of slow, stop and go traffic you may not want to have them on during those rides. There are many differences in cooling systems, depending on your thermostat, gauge, sending unit, etc. that will affect how they all function together.

Right Side View

Note that there are two different models, one for 86-93 and one for 94-06.  This is due to differing clearance issues in the inner fairing area near the engine cutout. Installation is pretty straightforward. The Heat Shields use the stock mounting holes for the fairing inner panel lower sections.  Due to inner fairing clearances, the early models are made to sit on top of the stock inner panels, and the later models go under them. The parts are formed in a mold from very durable ABS plastic, the same material used for the fairing itself.

The cost for the ZG Heat Shields is $90.00 all inclusive and shipped within the lower 48 states. To order a set of heat shields, send an email to Brian at zgheatshields @ hotmail.com Installation instructions will be included with your heat shields. 

Be sure to note if you have a non OEM fuel petcock and we can discuss the options.