Concours 14 ECU Flash

My 2012 in 2017 on a very well broken in engine, hense the high stock, including stock muffler,  power.
Shoodaben Engineering Evolution flash (red) vs Stock (blue) . This is my very well broken in* 2012 concours, runs done 3 days apart in 2017 with perfect weather and zero correction factor. Stock has the stock muffler; Evolution was done with an area p slipon, though all slipons would produce basically the same results.
is how your Concours 14 Shoodaben!

"Tuning improvements for sport touring riders, by a sport touring mechanic."

   If you've found yourself here researching an ECU flash for your concours 14 or gtr14, let me introduce myself. I'm Steve Sefsick, and I specialize in tuning and products for the Kawasaki Concours line of bikes. I have been doing so since 2005. I am a Concours Owners Group Industry Member and former Concours Owners Group Technical Editor. Though you may not be a COG member, understand that the Concours Owners Group (COG) is, and will be, the most comprehensive technical collection of Concours or GTR information anywhere. As "one of us" I'm a sport touring guy... not a sport bike guy, a sport tourer. I know what Concours owners want, and how to deliver it. It's amazing to me that Kawasaki made a world class motorcycle but gave it third world tuning, but that's pretty much the fact. Let me share my journey with what we COG folks refer to as the "c-14" .

   It took me a while to warm up to the C-14. Folks had been asking me for years when I was going to do something to improve the C-14, but I was still researching improvements for the much loved C-10 Concours (see my home page and read up on how Shoodaben was uniquely hotrodded and modified).. Finally in 2013 the siren's song of the 14 was overpowering; I succumbed to the infectious high RPM power, handling and braking that is the Concours 14 with a 2009 ABS model. I experimented with fueling, tuning and exhaust on that bike, and generally took it apart and put it back together to learn the bike. I then purchased a 2012 to learn the differences and "improvements" kawasaki imparted to the gen 2 c-14.

   Still, something was missing...Sure, it was "fast enough" but it really had some quirky manners that negatively affected the whole riding experience. The throttle was abrupt and snatchy, the power below 5000 rpm not even close to what it should be, and the economy in power mode was not impressive. I found myself uncomfortable riding at lower speeds and lower rpms, because the power just felt flat and vacant. I had to really focus to be smooth on and off the throttle; at lower gears and rpms little inputs from my hand had me jerking for and aft. C'mon, this is a 1352CC monster motor... and this is all it has at low rpms?  It was obvious the bike needed a good tune, and to that end, I began developing the Shoodaben Engineering Flash.

   Utilizing my 35 years of professional engine building/tuning experience, over two years of rideability tuning, dyno proving, and constant upgrading, I have developed  tunes that addressed all the things we as sport - touring riders dislike about the C-14's performance. The Shoodaben Engineering C-14 ECU flash is now a reality, and with it, your C-14 will be a joy to ride easy or hard, fast or slow... how it Shoodaben from the factory.

  Benefits you'll get from the Shoodaben Engineering flash -

1)  The Shoodaben Engineering C-14 flash will improve power everywhere in the rev range, from just off idle to redline. This makes low rpm riding and short shifting very comfortable.. no need to wind the engine up to get up to speed.

2) Shoodaben Flashes work on all c-14's from 08 to 2017 models.

3)  No abruptness on and off throttle. Up and downshifts will be smooth as butter. You won't have to work to be "smooth on the throttle" anymore.

4) if you ride 2 up, your passenger won't be banging their helmet into yours anymore.

5)  You will generally be riding in 1 to 2 gears higher for any given condition because of the increased torque.

6)  If you're just "riding" and not working the throttle hard, the fuel economy increase will be clearly evident.

7) top speed limiters are removed.

8) RPM limiters are NOT raised on the decel or evolution flash, it remains 10,000 rpm which exceeds the engine's ability to gain power at that rpm; It is raised 450 rpm for the Area P flash to 10450, as the area P flash holds power to 10,000 rpm. Due to the weight of the VVT module on the end of the intake cam, I strongly advise caution as to how often you bounce the tach off the limiter. VVT modules ARE failing from repeated high rpm  shifts and can cause the top end of the engine to be destroyed. I have one of these failed vvt modules, and Kawasaki is aware of the problem. The vvt module does not change the timing 24 degrees as we've been misled to believe, either - not even close to that. I have disassembled and timed a vvt module from lock to lock, and also timed c-14 cams. Your c-14 IS NOT a zx14... those who tell you it is the same are either misinformed or trying to mislead you.

9) timing retard is eliminated to the rpm limit on all flashes

10) Grab a handful of throttle and look out! Take a look at the Chart above, EVOLUTION vs Stock flash ( the evolution flash is the red trace) . These runs were done a couple days apart, in the same weather conditions on the same dyno.  That's a SERIOUS increase in usable torque and power from basement to ceiling!

   For shipping info, please email me though this site and request the shipping info. I'll email shipping and payment info.

                                         THERE ARE NOW 3 FLASHES AVAILABLE FOR THE CONCOURS 14        

  THE ENHANCED DECEL BRAKING FLASH  this flash is for bikes with stock or slip on exhausts. This flash allows the rider to use the throttle more to control the vehicle speed while decelerating rather than brakes. This flash is very smooth on and off throttle, has all the power and economy you would expect, but gives what I consider to be "more appropriate" throttle control to the rider. If you are a sporty / aggressive rider, or if ride in mountains, twisties, track days or even commuting where you need the throttle / gears to slow you rather than using brakes, this flash is for you. Generally I find the guys who prefer this flash prefer to ride the twisties in higher gears and lower rpms; the decel flash provides more engine braking at low rpms to help these folks control road speed with the engine, despite not using much rpm. 325.00, including shipping and insurance in the US

THE EVOLUTION FLASH  - all new for 2017  for stock or slipon exhausts, the flash is simply the smoothest, most refined tuning for the c-14 available anywhere. After developing and testing over 100 different flashes along the way, I realized that what I had developed was really the Evolution of a completely new approach to tuning the c-14. The Evolution Flash has incredibly finite throttle control, particularly from off throttle to applying precise throttle in the twisties, traffic, low speed maneuvering, etc. The decel feature is present, though somewhat muted from the Decel flash. Power and fuel economy are maximized in the Evolution Flash, in fact the Evolution has the highest power output of the stock exhaust (slipons included) flashes, having gained over 4# TQ at low rpms over the previous flashes and a couple HP up high.  But manners and predictability to throttle input is where the Evolution Flash really shines. This IS the pinnacle of c-14 tuning, and likely is the final word on what can be done to improve rideability of the concours c-14. 375.00, of course this is including shipping and insurance in the US.

     See the dyno run below "Evolution vs Stock"; These runs were done on my very well broken in* 2012 bike in march, 2017. the stock run is a fully stock run, even with the stock muffler. The evolution flash was built and depicted with an area P slipon, but all slipon's will have comparable performance. Shut down was done at 10,000 rpm by the bike's tach, so you see how far stock tachs are off.  If you look at the torque traces, you'll see the Evolution flash has apx the same torque at 3000 rpm as the stock flash has at 5000 rpm, and more power everywhere. Not insignificant.

 AREA P FULL SYSTEM FLASH    as the name implies, this flash is for bikes with a full system (header back) AreaP exhaust. This flash will also be a good choice for comparable aftermarket exhausts. For comparison, the AreaP system is a Tri-y, uses 44 mm head pipes and a 2.25" mid pipe. This pipe and flash made a huge power gain to 160.8 HP and 102# TQ.  The pipe and flash exceeded 92# TQ at 4000 rpm while also holding 160 hp peak power from 9000 to 10,000 rpm. I pulled out all the stops with this flash... The area P full system flash uses the finite throttle control and decel qualities found in the evolution flash for controlled application of all that power. This map also has individually assigned gear / fuel trims to account for Ram Air, which cannot be duplicated on a dyno. In building this flash, Data was recorded from multiple high speed runs in excess of 150mph.

See the dyno chart linked below named "Full Area P" but actual high speed racing HP will probably be appx + 5 hp over that, based on the difference provided by the ram air. This flash is designed to not lean out at speed like a typical dyno only flash will. 395.00 including shipping and insurance in the US.

     Please do not email me to discuss each flash to help you decide. I have described each as accurately as possible. If you do email me, I will refer you to the description here on this site.  If you feel you would prefer the "other" flash . Personally, I would prefer you make a proper choice in the beginning to save money and time. However should you choose to upgrade to the EVOLUTION or FULL AREA P flash, the cost in the US will be 75.00, which includes shipping and insurance.

    This flash, like all modifications, is intended for use on a closed racing course, and not intended for street use.

   To Order your Shoodaben engineering ECU flash, please email me through my contact page (top left column on this page) Requesting shipping information for your flash and I'll email you an attachment with all the info you need to remove, package, ship, and pay for your flash.

  * Why do I make a point to specify "very well broken in"? Simple... it's because engines that are new and aren't broken in will have less power, and as the engine breaks in the power will increase. Depicting a dyno chart with a newer engine as the baseline "stock" run can result in charts that look like the tuner had very large gains from the tuning, when in fact a good portion of the gain came from the engine breaking in. If you see dyno charts with unrealistic gains, Such as slip on charts that show gains that are TWICE what even every slipon manufacturer claims, well you need to ask yourself what's going on there. There's no games with me... y'all see me regularly at COG rallies and daily on the forums. You know what to expect from me based on years of accessibility and service to the Concours community.

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