Good afternoon Steve. I just thought I’d let you know that you sir have done an excellent job on the programming of my vulcan s ecu. I’m not easily impressed but this, this is impressive. Job well done. Thank you very much.
     ----- Jason Haynes

    This flash was built as a special request for my friend Irene. Irene is a newer rider, like many Vulcan S riders.

   Picking your first bike is tough, because it's easy to outgrow a first bike. The Vulcan S is an ideal first bike because it's low and stable, and newer riders feel more secure when they can get both feet down. If there's a problem with first bikes though, it's that you'll outgrow them pretty quickly. In the case of the Vulcan S the size of the bike is well suited into your intermediate rider category, but the power starts being the limiting issue. Maybe it's time to consider adding some power to extend your enjoyment with your Vulcan S. While you're at it, how about increased smoothness, throttle control and better control going from off to on throttle. The Shoodaben Engineering Flash is the first modification to offer all these improvements in a single package.

   For those new to flashing, let me explain. The Shoodaben Engineering ECU flash is changing the tuning parameters of the ECU (engine control unit) . It's easily done by removing the ECU from under the gas tank and sending it in to have the parameters re-written. This is called "flashing the ECU". When done properly with professional tuning, there will be no downside to flashing. It will not harm your engine, reduce your fuel economy or impact your warranty. It will, however, improve the performance and make your bike easier to ride. It's also not necessary to do other modifications to enjoy these benefits. you won't need to change the exhaust, air filter, etc. At Shoodaben Engineering I have flashed well over 1000 ECU's, so feel comfortable that this is a well established and reliable modification.
     The following changes are made within the Shoodaben Engineering Vulcan S flash.
  Intake Air Pressure fuel tables corrected. - Maintains fuel economy
  Throttle Position Sensor fuel tables corrected. - Maintains economy and increases power
  Timing tables corrected. - No need to run more than 87 octane
  Secondary throttle tables rebuilt and gear dependent - Very smooth throttle control
  02 sensor shut off,  - no more surging
  Cooling fan comes on 10* lower - cooler when in traffic
  Deceleration fuel cut is disabled, - no more "jerk" when re-opening from a closed throttle.

   Here's a dyno chart comparing before and after power of Irene's otherwise stock Vulcan S. This added power is available in every gear, every speed!

    The Red line is stock, the Blue line in the same bike with the Shoodaben Engineering flash.


     CONTACT me at and please include your phone # if you would like to speak with me. I will also respond by email with all the information you will need, from removal to payment.

      COST  Since this is probably your first flash and I'd like to welcome you to the world of motorcycling improvements, I'm going to offer this flash for 225.00 which includes shipping and insurance in the US . That's a great price for a proven modification that will let you enjoy your bike more every time you ride it!

    Here's some pics of Irene with her Vulcan S at a recent track day. Trying to improve her riding... Way to go Irene!


Steve S,
Jun 8, 2019, 10:35 AM