Tank Stats

Note: Original data set is calculated at stat budget intervals of 100 [0, 100, 200, ...]. Values above are interpolated.
Stats assume the use of the Reactive Warding and Fortunate Redoubt relics. 

Last Updated 05/20/14 @ 0856 EST.
  • Assassin stats updated.
  • Stat budgets below 600 no longer calculated.
  • Event listener changed from "change" to "keyup". Text boxes no longer need to lose focus before results are updated
This itemization is targeted at the mean damage type distributions across Dread Fortress and Dread Palace. If you have the comms to gear for operations (or individual bosses!) separately, do have a look at elidion's public tool here.

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"Let's define the "point of diminishing returns" for a stat as being the rating at which you are receiving half the per-point value that you would receive at zero rating. (basically, the "half-life" of the stat) We can solve for this by differentiating the formula in question, then solving the derivative divided by the derivative applied at 0. More formally, we have this:
f(x) = the value of a stat in terms of x rating

Solve, 1 - f'(x) / f'(0) = 0.5
This value is presented below for each of the stats:
Defense = 1350
Shield = 1472
Absorb = 1227
Crit (from rating) = 1012
Crit (from main stat) = 4088
Surge = 247
Alacrity = 1406
Accuracy = 1349"