Shonai Cultural Education


Shonai Cultural Education provides insightful lectures on the local history and culture of Shonai in Yamagata.

庄内文化研究会 は英語による山形県庄内地方の歴史・文化講義を提供しております。

Shonai Cultural Education (SCE)


Founded: November 1, 2013


Shonai's history & culture lecture series.


Registered in Sakata


Members (in alphabetical order):

Judy Chonan 長南 ジュディ

Noriko Sato 佐藤 則子

Takashi Suzuki 鈴木 卓

Yuki Nakamura 中村 有紀


Takashi Suzuki 鈴木卓

or contact through Judy's English School


Shonai Cultural Education (SCE) is an organization (unincorporated) aimed at developing tourism potential of Shonai’s unique history and culture.

The organization offers two things: lectures and experiences. Our local history lectures are geared to people from foreign countries or resident aliens who are interested in the local history of Shonai but do not have a good command of Japanese - especially for reading local history books written primarily in Japanese. The lectures are also suitable for folks in Shonai who want to be English volunteer tour guides, or even licensed tour guides.

The organization also aims to produce an insightful, fun and educational experience package as a derivative of each lecture. The experience package should be a marketable product beyond Shonai.

Our goal is to increase the number of people who have two qualities: a good understanding of the uniqueness of Shonai, and a good command of English. The understanding is not a collection of fragments of information about historic sites, but a logical “knowledge base”, which gives you an educated guess. Simply put, when you look at, for instance, a local historic site in Shonai, we want you to be able to answer your question: “why it is the way it is”. We want you to appreciate the unique roots of Shonai.

Another goal is to create a new flow of tourists beyond immediate geographical boundary of Shonai by promoting experience packages. The flow will create a demand for licensed tour guides, volunteer tour guides, and interpreters. The effect is expected to go beyond.

All our members have other business or jobs to take care of outside the tourism industry, so a last piece of our goal is moderate growth.

Takashi Suzuki, Dec 30, 2013




鈴木 卓、2013年12月30日

Revision 改訂:
We do not have time to work out the experience package (I have been busy with translation of scientific documents, and others also busy with their own business). The promotion of experience package part was deleted, as of June 19, 2015. 体験事業創出部分を消去、2015年6月19日付け。
Changed the organization name: Shonai Cultural Education and Experience (SCEE) → Shonai Cultural Education (SCE), as of July 24, 2014 . 団体名変更:庄内文化教育体験研究会→庄内文化研究会、2014年7月24日付け。

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