This website keeps an updated list of all programs that offer Shomer Shabbos Residency options. Please click the link below to view the latest list.

Please contribute to the updating of this site by emailing in all comments about all interviews you had at the end of the interview season. Please also be clear what is the city and state in which each hospital is located. Thank you.

Shomer Shabbos Programs Master List

Please use the tabs at the bottom of the excel file link to select which type of residency you want to search through.


This list was last updated 9/12/2018.


9-12-2018      1 update to IM, Infectious Diseases tab added

8-8-2018         ? added

5-28-2018      Updates to several IM Categorical programs

5-6-2018        Updates 1 EM and 1 peds

10-28-2017    Updated 1 peds (winthrop) and 1 EM (Washington in Seattle) listing


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