Jinashi Shakuhachi
Ji-nashi is a type of the shakuhachi flute. It typically does not contain "ji" paste but only a layer of urushi lacquer applied inside the bore, or sometimes no urushi in it.

I am a professional shakuhachi maker specializing in ji-nashi shakuhachi making. My approach is supported by 20 years of extensive research on vintage shakuhachi from the Edo period. It is also supported by my performance skill - I had studied shakuhachi with Master Yokoyama Katsuya for many years. My flutes are thus suitable not only for performing koten honkyoku but also dokyoku pieces.

My ji-nashi are sold at the Mejiro Shakuhachi Store in Tokyo and the Tone in Yokohama. I hope you had/have chances to try my shakuhachi. 

                                                          Shomei Kobayashi


Contact me by email: kobayashishomei "at" gmail "dot" com

or by phone: 81 423 24 4610

Please also visit my Japanese site

Sounds of my flutes can be heard here:



My friend auditioned six of my flutes and posted here. Some of them (the first, and the last two) were flutes of working in-progress.

For more audio examples, please visit my blow!