Arthur L. Finkle


Arthur L. Finkle

209 Shady Brook Drive

Langhorne, PA 19047


Arthur L. Finkle is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Rutgers University and earned a MGA degree from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.   He also earned a certificate in Religious Education form the Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati, OH


Mr. Finkle served as Educator for Congregation Beth Chaim (Princeton Junction, NJ) for twenty years and as Educator for Har Sinai Hebrew Congregation (Trenton, NJ) for six years.  He has officiated in various capacities in the Jewish community including Continuing Education Chairman and Newsletter Editor for the New Jersey‑West Hudson Region of the UAHC.  A certified Reform Jewish Educator, granted by the Hebrew Union College and the National Association of Temple Educators, he has served as a member of the National UAHC Committee on Inter-religious Affairs (as well as chairman of its curriculum subcommittee).  A consultant to the Roman Catholic Diocese in Trenton, NJ, he is also a member of the National (UAHC) Task Force on Jewish Ethics. 


He appears in Who's Who In American Government, 1979-1980; Who's Who In American Education, 1994‑1995 and 1995-1996; International Men of Achievement, 1995; and International Leaders 5000, 1996; International Leaders of Achievement, 1997; International Men of Achievement, 1995 and 1996; International Who’s Who of Twentieth Century Achievement, 1998 and 1999; Leading Intellectuals of the World, 1999; Strathmore's Who’s Who, 2001; International Intellectuals, 2001; and Who's Who in American Law, 2003-2004.




Religious School Teacher - Har Sinai Temple, Trenton, NJ, 1969 - 1976.  Taught seventh, eighth and ninth graders



Middle East Studies, Theology, Ethics, Bible, Comparative                 Religion, Social Action, Shofar, Storytelling, Teaching                           Technique‑Theory and Practice, and Athletic Coach


Religious School Principal - Har Sinai Temple, Trenton, NJ, 1976 -    1980. Enrollment 250 students


Religious School Principal - Congregation Beth Chaim - Princeton Junction, NJ, 1980 - 1998.  Enrollment 550


Religious School Principal – Har Sinai Temple - Trenton, NJ, 1988 - present.  Enrollment 300.




Mr. Finkle has published three books, several chapters in four other books and more than 75 articles on Nonprofit Administration.  He is Adjunct Associate Professor in at Kean University, Political Science and Education Departments.  He also serves as a Mediator for the State of New Jersey.  His religious publications include:  




Bubba Sarah Died and I’m Lonely, Princeton Junction, NJ: CBC, 1998.


A Shofar Sounder's Reference Manual, Los Angeles: Torah Aura Publishing, 1993.


The Easy Guide to Shofar Sounding, Los Angeles, CA: Torah Aura Publications, 2002




Can A Shofar Be Repaired As A Matter Of Jewish Law? Cincinnati: Hebrew Union College, 2001


The Halacha of Shofar, Cincinnati: Hebrew Union College, 2001




“A Blast from the Past, The Times of Trenton, September 17, 2007






“Mediation Based on the Three Western Religious Approaches” – 2008




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"Designing A Safety Net for Employees Who Cannot Continue To Work,"   Public Personnel Administration (Spring 1997)


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"Special Education:  Problems and Solutions"

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"Community School for Adult Studies"

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Newsletter, Metropolitan Council, Editor, 1976‑1979. 


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"Affirmative Action:  Its Theological Foundations"

Paper delivered October, 1976 at Har Sinai Hebrew


"Jewish Education"

Newsletter, UAHC, New Jersey‑West Hudson Valley

(October, 1977). 



"Reform Zionism and Keren Ami"

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"Super Motivation for Comparative Religion,"

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"Comparative Religion,"

Pedagogic Reporter, (Summer, 1978). 


Electronically Published Works


"Teaching Behavioral Objectives," Chat Room Speaker, Jewish Community BBS of American On Line ("AOL"), June 2, 1996


"A Matter of Principal," Shabbas.doc, Torah Aura, June 4, 1996


“‘Pop’ Culture Ethics Films with commentary, Jewish Community BBS, AOL, February 1996


"Alternative Bible Test." Jewish Community BBS, AOL, February 1996


Special Education: How To Begin a Program in a Religious School,"   Jewish Community BBS, AOL, March 1996


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"Feasible World Zionist Organization National Bible Test", Jewish-Community: America On-Line, February 1996.



                                     COMMUNAL ACTIVITIES


New Jersey Anti‑Defamation League, Education

  Board Member                                                                1989‑


Consultant, Roman Catholic Committee on Ecumenism

  (Trenton Diocese)                                                          1988‑


Member, UAHC Committee on Interreligious Affairs   1983‑

  Chair Curriculum Subcommittee                             1986‑


Member, Education Commission, Greater Delaware

  Valley Jewish Federation                                           1984-1989


Shofar Ensemble Coordinator, Jewish Federation of

  Delaware Valley                                                             1984


Chair, Principals' Council of Greater Delaware Valley        1978‑83


N.J.-West Hudson Regional Council (U.A.H.C.)     1975‑80

         Continuing Education Chair                             


New Jersey Council Newsletter, Editor                   1977‑79


Member, Parent Education                                           1975‑77

         Committee of United Synagogue (Conservative) 


Member, Regional Reform Jewish Board of

         Teacher and Principal Certification                1975‑79



Adult Education Chairperson, Har Sinai Temple          1972‑77




Har Sinai Temple Board of Directors                       1971‑77




Member, Jewish Federation Committee on Education

  and Culture                                                                      1977‑84



District Coordinator of World Bible Contest         1977‑



Personnel Consultant, Jewish Family Service of 1979‑

  Greater Delaware Valley                                            


Baal Takiah (Shofar Sounder)                                    1969 -

         Har Sinai Temple, Cong. Beth Chaim,

         Greenwood House (Jewish Elder Care) and

         St. Lawrence Rehabilitation Facility                

         Abramsohn Center – Philadelphia Federation