~Reception Decor~

Black and Fushia Pink Theme  ( hint of white and damask)



We are going to do all tall centerpieces. They will be in 24inch high. With fushia pink roses, white dendrobium orchids, and black ostrich feathers. We will also have votive candles going around the base of the centerpieces 



 We are going to try to do some elegant lighting like this. My best friends mother has some lighting stuff that we will be able to use


I will be getting a bunch of these at saveoncrafts.com. Put them throughout the ballroom in corners, with pink lighting!!!

$19.95 each 3 or more



We will be getting our napkins from BBJ Linens



We are going to have a black overlay like this picture. With white chair covers with a black organza sash. Then fushia pink napkins.


So I came across a fellow knotties wedding Bio on The Dress board. Amongst having a gorgeous dress, and wedding. Her colors are EXACTLY the same as mine! I was so excited!!! So I have pulled some of the pictures from her reception. This is pretty much how we are going to have the tables set up. Except for Fuschia pink Napkins. And no table runners



We are having white chair covers with black sash like here. Fuschia pink napkins


I love these table runners!!!



 We will have menus at each table setting

 Want the napkins layed out like this