About Closet Studio...

    Closet studio was built in the summer of 1997 and was nothing more than an 11'x11' air conditioned and soundproofed room built within a two car garage on Jacksonville's extreme north end of town. The room had a low ceiling of 6 ½ feet and was covered with cardboard egg trays from Griffin poultry farm in Yulee, the entire room was insulated in R30 insulation and the walls were covered with fancy tan paneling and brown carpet squares. The studio had a meager inventory of recording equipment such as a Tascam cassette 4-track, an Akai quadrophonic reel-to-reel, a Sony minidisc digital 4-track, a Macintosh clone computer with Deck-2 software, multiple budget grade microphones, a few effects processors and two vintage in-house instruments…a 1962 Slingerland 7pc jazz trap set and a 1956 Hammond M-111 organ. Shoe Leather Express recorded all of its music in this studio and other artists over the years put this little room to the test. Audio Explorations "Who Wrote the Words to Everyone's Dreams?" was recorded at Closet studio during the summer fires of 1998 and artist Tracy Shedd recorded many singles at Closet Studio years prior to her 2008 Teenbeat release "Cigarettes & Smoke Machines".

Future recordings by SLE and other artists will be recorded at the new Closet Studio at CC Trail, it will be as simplistic and dirt real as the original,offering quality analog and digital recording in a natural atmosphere.
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