Shoebox Theatre and the Lichfield Mysteries 2016.
We were excited to take part in The Lichfield Mysteries 2016, after disappointment at their 2015 cancellation. If you would like to know what that was all about, have a look at this page from the blog of one of our volunteers, who directed our two plays Abraham and Isaac and Betrayal, and also also offered directorial help to some of the other groups taking part.

Chris as St Peter, Ian as Malchus, Sue R as Jew,  George & Sue W as soldiers with Adam Speers as Christ. 
Barry, who isn't shown, played Judas. 

Abraham & Isaac
Laura as God, George as Abraham, Jack as Isaac
and Sue as the Angel

We all enjoyed this challenging project, and were pleased to be able to watch other groups in performance. 
We had good audiences, even in the rain! Wade St Church was a lovely venue for both performers and audiences.