June lunch and playreading

posted 9 Jun 2017, 14:43 by shoebox theatre c.i.c.   [ updated 17 Jul 2017, 12:52 ]
Tuesday June13 we will be meeting close to Tamworth town centre for a buffet lunch, raffle and reading of the thriller Dial M for Murder. Lunch @ £3 from 12.30, playreading to follow. Finish around 4pm. If you'd like to join us get in touch for details of venue: email to: mail@shoeboxtheatre.co.uk  
We enjoyed this, and there were enough participants to match the number of characters in the play. Dial M for Murder was a very popular play back in the days when every town had its own repertory theatre, and the resident company played a different programme every week around the whole year, so there were an abundance of playscripts to fill the repertoire, on hire in sets from French's bookshopfor  the week's rehearsal and the week of performance.  Alas, there are only a few of the larger companies left, and the very few, if any, weekly rep. companies. We borrowed our playset from Staffordshire Libraries, through Tamworth Central library. and had an enjoyable afternoon after lunch, playing the different parts. Do you think this is something you might like to do? Contact us for information about our next date - it will be in September.