Suggested Shoebox Items


  • Seal all edibles, bars of soap & liquids in Ziploc® bags
  • No toy weapons or war-related items (some of our recipients have been victims)
  • No vitamins or other pills
  • No religious items
  • No chocolates or other meltables (OK for Christmas Shoeboxes)
  • New items only

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Imagine that you are suddenly alone, without resources, perhaps without family.  What would you need to get by for a while after a crisis?

Amazingly, many of the material things you would need can be purchased at a dollar store, & will fit in a shoebox.  Can you go on an inexpensive shopping spree to make a difference in the life of a neighbor child or mom in need?  Sure you can, & here are some suggestions--


toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, body wash or bar of soap, comb, brush, hand lotion, washcloth, mirror, personal wipes, shower cap, undies, socks, lip balm, unbreakable mirror, shampoo, conditioner, small 1st aid kit, pocket packs of tissues, hand lotion, seasonal items (e.g., gloves, cap, sunscreen), flip-flops, water bottle, pen & paper, phone card, t-shirts


Pencils & sharpener, notebook or writing pad, pens, erasers, calculator, crayons, colored pencils or markers, books


small stuffed animals, dolls, puzzles, games, small flashlight & extra batteries, barrettes & hair clips, toy jewelry, yo-yo, jump rope, sunglasses, gum, hard candy, coloring book, Slinky®, harmonica, activity books, coloring books

 Add for Babies:

baby wipes, bib, feeding sets, sipie cup, bottle, cloth or cardboard books, rattles, diaper cream, baby shampoo. baby powder

Add for Teens & Adults:

nail care items, small make-up kit, feminine hygiene products, lip gloss, deodorant, disposable razors, shaving cream, hair conditioner


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When your box is ready for donation, please use a ribbon or a large rubber band to secure the lid & to attach a short note telling us the age & sex of the intended recipient.

You can drop off your shoebox es at The Pamlico News or e-mail <> for other drop-off instructions.

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