How we make a difference [page under construction]

We have discovered many small ways  to benefit our community:




Small shoeboxes  (originally containing sandals or tennies) have been turned into memory boxes by decorating, lining with tissue paper & tying with ribbons.  Working in conjunction with Newborns in Need, an incredible non-profit organization (they provide half a million baby items every year!), we have identified hospitals whose neonatal units have ongoing needs for these Angel Memory Boxes for parents who have suffered the loss of wee ones.

We've provided Card Kits to residents of Britthaven Nursing Home, & with the help of their Activities Director they have created birthday cards, as well as Easter cards & Valentines for Pamlico County children in foster care.  These enthusiastic seniors have also helped us provided greeting cards for the pediatric ward at  Carolina East Medical Center.

• We supply Christmas stockings for the annual holiday party held by Coastal Women's Shelter for the children for whose moms they provide services each year.

We have long supported the Pamlico County Annual Toy Drive to assist families in need to provide Christmas joy for their children.  In addition, we shop for toys for children in foster care.

Because children automatically age out of foster care on their 18th birthdays, they have great difficulty in suddenly supporting themselves.  We assist in providing toiletries & make-up for the young women seeking jobs, & school supplies for teens attending community college.

Crayons & coloring books are provided for children who are patients of our local hospital.  Halloween & Christmas treats are also donated.

School supplies are distributed through Heartworks & are given to teacherss.   Having enough scissors & crayons for all the students in a classroom is a simple joy we are able to share with some of our local teachers.

Vocational, educational & safety coloring books have been distributed for us via 4-H, Heartworks & local schools.

Un-Shoeboxes--There are times when our "shoeboxes" have no right angles.  When we don't have enough real shoeboxes, we substitute hand-made tote bags.  Sometimes the tote bags fit needs better:

Granny Bags--These were developed in response to a need by the Pamlico County Health Dept.  Granny Bags are diaper-bag sized totes containing essentials for babies & small children, & typically are distributed to grandmothers who have been unexpectedly required to assume care for the children of their offspring.  It is all too common for parents to temporarily  or permanently abandon young children with other family members, many of whom are ill-prepared to assume such responsibilities.

• Camp Hurricane Project--Also in response to a need by the Pamlico County Health Dept., we have been making children's tote bags to contain the supplies that will be distributed to children seeking shelter during hurricanes.  These bags are a bit smaller than our regular totes, but plenty large enough to contain toiletries, coloring books & crayons.  Evacuating to a shelter when hurricanes threaten can be a scary thing for a youngster, but we are hopeful receiving one of these bags, sewn in a colorful print, will take the edge off the experience.

Special thanks to the kind folks at the Salvation Army for providing us with shoeboxes, & at the Hospice Thrift Shop for saving us their shoeboxes & recycled jeans for making into tote bags & quilts.  Please remember these thrift shops in Bayboro when you have donations or an urge to shop!

  • Want to help?  Got an idea on how we can help someone else?  Empty shoeboxes?   Call Tye at 249-2297 or 670-3862 or email:
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