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This is the front side of a reversible quilt made by an Oriental NC resident, who sent it to a field hospital in Iraq in January 2008. The maker is a member of the Soldier's Angel's Sewing Team working on the Blankets of Hope Project.

The wounded generally are naked when transported from Iraq or Afghanistan to Germany for medical care, so during the long trip these quilts are their only covering & comfort.

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Below is the reverse side of the quilt, which has a patriotic red, white & blue theme. Some of the blue patches are made from recycled jeans.

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Below is a reversible "raggedy" quilt made from recycled Pamlico jeans. It is a "quilt as you go" design, with no topstitching. It is an easy quilt to make. Sent to a field hospital in Iraq in February 2008.

Below is a patriotic beanie bear in a pocket on the quilt. He will travel from Iraq to a military hospital in Germany, along with the wounded soldier who receives this quilt.  This little bear has many miles to travel.

Above is the flannel backside of the reversible denim quilt. The pattern is small brightly colored fish. Quilt size is 60" X 80."

First Order ships for $2.95

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Below is the card that accompanied each of the quilts pictured.


If you sew, crochet, weave or knit, there are a lot of opportunities for you to exercise those skills to help others.

Quilts are needed by Soldier's Angels for the wounded, & they are looking for knitted, woven, or crocheted blankets for distribution to our veterans' hospitals. The needs have never been greater, so come join the team!

Don't sew? No problem, because volunteers stitch up plain quilts you can decorate. Show your support by ordering an already-sewn Blanket of Hope Kit.

Quilts of Valor Foundation is devoted to honoring our wounded for their service, sacrifice & valor with a beautifully made, pieced & quilted wartime quilt.
Volunteers make lovely pieced quilt tops, which, along with matching backing, is sent to other volunteers who use large longarm quiting machines to do the actual quilting. The work is beautiful, making these commenorative quits not only useful, but family heirlooms.

The mission of these loving volunteers is to honor all of our wounded with their quilts. Since as of 8 February 2008, we have suffered 7,795 wounded in Afghanistan, & 59.402 wounded in Iraq, their task is great indeed. Yes, you can help!

Sew Much Comfort is an organization devoted to sewing adaptive clothing for wounded soldiers. Our troops have suffered devastating injuries, & are in great need of clothing to accommodate their special needs.

We also have lots of local needs for those who like to do needlework. Daycare providers often care for children without sufficient clothing, & social services providers can help you identify needs. Hospitals always need tiny blankets for premature babies, & small support pillows are useful for both post-operative & hospice patients. Teddy bears & blankets can be donated to the Pamlico County Sheriff's Dept. for their patrol cars so they can comfort a child in distress. Rehabilitation facilities & nursing homes can use lap quilts, as well as tote bags for walkers & wheelchairs. Truly, you don't have to go far to find a need for your skills.

Newborns in Need Organization

Needlework Charities' Directory

Knitting for Charity Directory

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