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 This regular shoebox was covered in a puppy print fabric for a young boy, & decorated with a small stuffed dog.  It was donated to the Coastal Women's Shelter.  In addition to basic toiletries, a washcloth, facial tissues, flashcards, a small toy & a box of crayons were included.

This flower-covered boot box for a mom in need also went to the shelter.  This size box allows us to fit in more items.  A small first aid kit was included, as recipients often have injuries when they arrive. 

We had an emergency call for several children, & had run out of shoeboxes, so we stitched up some tote bags to hold basic toiletries & school supplies.  This bag was made from a recycled child's denim skirt. 

This bag was made from a recycled pair of jeans.

This bag, filled for a toddler boy, was quickly stitched up with less than a yard of fabric.

Shoeboxes filled, labeled, & ready for donation.

This bag was a  giveaway from a bookstore discount club membership.  We couldn't let it go to waste, so filled it up for an elementary school-age boy.  Yes, even big boys need a cuddle toy.




When is a shoebox not a box? When we run out of boxes & use what we have to fulfill our mission. Yes, when necessary, we think outside of the box!

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