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Prediction Extreme

A prediction is written on a paper and handed to a spectator. At this point, the work is done. The performer never touches the prediction or the container again. The spectator places the written prediction into a clear container and tapes the container shut (can be done with wax, rope, chain, etc.). The performer never touches the box, which the spectator keeps in his or her possession. At the time the prediction is to be revealed, the spectator opens the box and takes out the paper and reads it aloud. Written on it is a prediction that matches event (newspaper headline, a number randomly generated by the audience, the amount of change in an audience member's pocket, etc.) The prediction can be shown.

Versatile. Hands-off. Super clean. No stooges. All the work is done before the prediction is handed to the spectator to place in the container. Performance DVD included. Comes with 2 hours of personal instruction via Skype or iChat.

Limited release: 10
price: $3,400.00