Photos of events, member projects, meetings, etc. 

Cleanup Day at the Forest Hill School: Oct 25, 2017
SMG Candy Parkhurst with Forest Hills helpers on clean-up day Oct 25, 2017.

Workday at the SMG Nursery: Sept 27, 2017
“The Band of Brothers”, L to R = HL Noah, David Phillips, 
David Henke, Donnie Daugherty and Alan George.

Our “Straw Boss” Donnie Daugherty.

David Henke and Alan George, moving RR Cross Ties into place.

SMG Helpline guru Donnie Daugherty speaking at our August SMG Meeting about the successes and challenges of the 2017 Helpline. SMG President Peggy Lazenby looks on.

SMG Scott Hickman receiving the Door Prize at the August meeting.

Cynthia Kershaw receiving the Helping Hands award at the August meeting from Sheila Lindsay.

East Campus of Woodmont June 28, 2017
Volunteering on Sept 22, 2017 at the SMG Work Day for the Children’s Museum. Left to right: Peggy Lazenby, David Phillips, Kathy Peoples.

East Campus of Woodmont June 28, 2017
SMG volunteered on June 28, 2017, to clean up and freshen up around the East Campus of Woodmont as appreciation for allowing us to utilize their facility for our monthly meetings.
Left to Right: Intern David Henke and SMG Preston Hillis, trimming trees
SMG Intern David “Chainsaw” Henke plying his skills.
Kaye Hillis and Linda Gilliam discuss pros and cons of work gloves.

Healing Place Workday-April 21, 2017
James Huff, Lisa Maples James Dunn and Kaye Hillis.

Kathy Peoples, Don Larson, Lisa Maples, David Henke, Jean Dunn and more.

ARC Homes Workday-March 9, 2017
Intern Foy Persell 

SMG & Interns in front of one of the ARC Homes. Left to Right = Kathy Peoples; Peggy Lazenby; Joe Tate; Lisa Maples; Martha Berryhill; Audrey White; Kaye Hillis; Jerry Lewis; Gail McDonnel.

Tree Trimming Intern Class, left to right=Linda Brewer; David Phillips; Lisa Maples; Joe Tate; Susan Nale; Gail McDonnel; David Henke.

SMG Workday-March 18, 2017
Several Community Gardeners and SMG volunteers helping to clean up the beds for Spring planting. Included are Macarthur Butler, Jean Dunn, Taylor Reeder, Lynn Wilson , Dee Hubbert.

A very very RARE sight, Jean Dunn actually resting at the Community Garden Work Day. John Norton has never seen Jean rest before so it is a good thing he captured this image.

Lynn Wilson and Dee Hubbert trimming the Rosemary and roses at the Extension Office.

SMG Project-Tuscumbia Multi Purpose Center
Chip & Peggy Lazenby, Brenda Bradford, Martha Black and Martha Berryhill.

Jerry Lewis, Kathy Peoples and Martha Berryhill

Peggy Lazenby, Kathy Peoples and Martha Black. Oh wait, isn't that Chip sitting down in the background?

SMG "called" a work day on July 22, 2016 to spruce-up the Extension Office grounds and the Community Gardens. 

Martha Black

Martha Berryhill

Audrey White

ARC of the Shoals-April 20, 2017
Left to Right: Intern David Henke and SMG Preston Hillis, trimming trees

Left to Right: The “Gutter Gang”, Jean Dunn, Martha Berryhill, Jerry Lewis, Lisa Maples, James Dunn.

Left to Right: David Phillips, James Dunn, Jerry Lewis.

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