The Club


The Shoalhaven Historic Vehicle Club Inc. was formed in 1970, when a small group of enthusiasts with a common interest came together to encourage the knowledge, preservation and enjoyment of motor vehicles and motorcycles of classic and historic classification of any make, model, method of manufacture or country of origin.

The club has grown over time to a membership of over three hundred members, with approximately 600 registered cars and motorcycles.

The collections of our members span from the early vintage vehicles 1910, 1920s and 30s and includes a variety of marques and models sedans, roadsters and motorcycles produced up until 30 years ago.

Each year the Club holds many motoring and social events for members to enjoy the camaraderie that exists between people with common interests

Ownership of a historic vehicle or motor cycle is not necessary for membership. New members are always welcome at our events and meetings. If you would like to join us please contact the Membership Secretary