Wish List

It is important for us to provide an outdoor ministry opportunity that will change lives.   We know that Shoal Creek provides a place to “Unplug and build relationships with others and with God”.  You can help with this ministry with your prayers, gifts and encouraging groups to use Shoal Creek for their event.  Below is a list of materials that we need to help us achieve accreditation through the American Camp Association – you may purchase an item or donate to the purchase of that item.  Please mark your check if you would like your donation used for a specific item.  Please email us shoalcreekcamp@arumc.org  or call Renee Henson (479.208.1380) if you have any question or would like to donate or purchase. 


You Can Help Shoal Creek Camp Wish List


        Mattress Covers                                  $4 each (need 100 plus)

        Cleaning Supplies                               $10

        Toilet Paper/Paper Towels                  $10

        AA Batteries                                       $10 per package

        8 Signs for Kitchen/Bathroom Area   $10 each

        22 Brooms & Dust Pans                     $10 each  Thank you!

        Painting Supplies                                $15 paint brush/roller

        American Flag                                    $20  Thank You!

        8 Carbon Monoxide Detectors           $23.00 each  Thank you!

        Exterior Paint                                      $35 per gallon

        Wooden Benches                                $50

        Rolls of Stamps                                   $50

        Life Guard Rescue Tube                     $60

        Life Ring for Pool                               $75

        2 Ceiling Fans                                     $85 each

        Bucket of Chlorine                              $125

        Wooden Picnic Tables                        $150

        Front Gate                                           $300

        Bridge across Creek                            $800

        Gutters                                                $800

        Refrigerator for Caretaker’s house     $1000  Thank You!