When I joined this school in 2001 it was only a small campus school from nursery to high school. But as I spend my days here I came to know that it has got all the beauty, passion, emotion, compassion and sophistication that a good school should have and it has proved by the fact that in the next few years means till 2008, there is a tremendous all around development and in between this period of time it has also got the affiliation of 12th.Now it is among the leading school of Allah bad, with a strength of over 2000 students approx.


The most important reason of this development is our Principal madam, because I believe that she is the basement of every success that had taken place. She has got every quality of a leader and in true manner i  just can  say that she is a leader who has always lead from the front .


I also want to thanks those teachers too who are also the part of this success.


Hellooooo, Students of B.B.S. & C. This Page is for every single person who is somehow attached with the college and everybody of you is cordially invited to join this page. So lets fulfill our college's motto of "REACH FOR THE SKY” and rate this tribe to zenith of success. So every COOL DUDE WITH HOT ATTITUDE AND EVERY HOT BABE WITH COOL GAZE of Bal Bharti School and College do join this tribe at At orkut named BalBharti School & college and at indyarocks with the same name.



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