The story of my life started in the same year when Sachin Tendulkar had made his cricket debut means on 13th march 1989. Both these events are not very big at that time but now everybody knows how important is Sachin Tendulkar for the world of cricket as like that in the coming few yrs people will also know how important is I m for the world .


So about myself , I can say that I am very simple guy who had got many dreams in his small pair of eyes but this is not a big deal because many of us has got the same vision.What I think made me different from others is my obstinate nature , means I can do any amount of labor in order to achieve my goal and my goals are every thing for me and goal of my life is to join NASA as a software engineer and animator.


my ambitions


As an individual my ambition of life is to become a successful person, as a professional my ambition is to join NASA and as an Indian my ambition is to be a very good citizen



whats attractive about me                     :  My figure

height                                                       : 6 ft - 1 in

hair color                                                 : Dark brown

looks                                                         : Face with character


my family

my parents                                               : luv them both with the bottom of my Heart

my siblings                                               : can do anything for her smile

my favourite cousins                               : Everybody luvs me and I luv everybody

my chidhood memories                           : This place is too small for them


my confessions

what you'll find in my room                   : u will find a big big dino sitting next to me  

                                                                  with his belt in my hand !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                  Ofcourse yaar waha main hi hounga aur         

                                                                  kabhi kabhi koi aur .

people i really like                                 : frank , clear , simple and who loves and  

                                                                  cares for other.


my previous crushes                              : yaar Ek ho to bataun ,, yahan to bas ek hi    

                                                                  formula chalta hai ""jab bhi koi

                                                                  ladki dekhoon mera dil  

                                                                  deewana bole ole oleeey ole  

                                                                  ole oleeey ole.””


my current crushes                               : filhaal is samay to aap hi ho means U


the love of my life                                 : See like every person, My view for my love is       

                                                                  same means she should be beautiful,  

                                                                  gorgeous, lovely but apart from these all

                                                                  qualities she must have an Indian heart

                                                                  which have love and affection for everybody.


the best moments of my life                 :When I was born

the regrets of my life                            : not yet

my guilty pleasures are                        : when I bunked the school first time

my deep dark secrets                           : they are very deep and plz let them a secret


Though I m working in a B.P.O and has got a vast exposure to my personality and thoughts still my life starts and ends to my family. They are everything for me.

The thing on which I can proud of is my family as I have got the best parents in the world. I can share anything and everything to them whether it is related to studies or my girl friends. My sister and my cousins (they include my bro and sis of my mausies’).


I have got tons of friend who are there to support me at every steps of my life  and among them there are two of best friends for whom I can do anything yet all the three of us has got different nature but the common thing among us is  our clear heart. There names are Ashish and Vishal.All the three of us forms a gang named ASV. In Hindi it means a horse and we truly are horse of our field.     

Ashish is a little short tempered guy but eventually the best among the three of us as he has got a very beautiful, helpful and kind heart.

Shlok means me ,a very unpredictable type of person means I can be witty, jolly and funny at times but most of the time I just want to be serious and well within me and sometimes my this nature acts against me, as people thinks that I m a very proud person.

But I just don’t want to prove anything to anybody because I know that each and every person who knows me, know that how I m and that’s why they love me.

Vishal , a very jolly, funny and truly the most beautiful among the three of us. He is a sweet guy with a very emotional and caring heart.




"An expert is someone who knows more and more about less and less, until eventually he knows everything about nothing."

"I am not the boss of my house. I don't know when I lost it. I don't know if I ever had it. But I have seen the boss's job and I do not want it."

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