Sh.K.B.Sh. is a Christian NGO - Non Governmental Organization, founded in 2002 and registered under court decission 34 - 1 in Tirana. The organization has it’s headoffice in Tirana, with a branch in Korca Albania and an affiliation in Great Brittan.       

Sh.K.B.Sh. offers a variety of activities, depending on the permission and the possibilities of workers and volunteers:
  • Christian meetings and Bible studies
  • Alpha for Prison courses 
  • vocational training, like - English, Italian, sewing, hairdressing, installation,  computer, etc.
  • Sports and music activities
  • Small renovation projects
  • Rehabilitation support for vulnerable men and women, victims of trafficking and women at risk for trafficking outside prison
  • National info-center and network-center on trafficking within the Christian society  
Up to 2002 it was very hard to visit prisoners in Albania. Only family members were allowed to, and others if the prisoner himself required so. 
With permission from the High Court in Tirana the workers of Sh.K.B.Sh. not only have permission to visit, but also can start education programs, bible teaching, concerts and church meetings inside the prisons of Albania.

The first years we've had great results with some social projects to help the government having access to drinking water and improve hygiene conditions to the prisoners. 

With support from several International organisations Sh.K.B.Sh. started in 2007 a rehabilitation program for women and promoted anti-trafficking as a result of the need we are confronted with visiting these women.   

January 2012 our staff and local volunteers have activities in 13  prisons and pre-detention centers (out of 21 in total).

(prisons of Albania)
With groups from outside we have outreach and sport activities.



v      Reaching Albanian prisoners and their family with the gospel of Jesus Christ, and support them to make new choices for their life on spiritual and material territory.

v      Becoming a highly appreciated partner for all churches, organizations and particulars who have a call to minister to prisoners

v      Support churches in establishing and executing their ministry policy in general and prison ministry in particular

v      Becoming a recognized partner in collaboration for governmental parties such as the general department as also the separate prisons.


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