Episode 15

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Hiranyakashyap occupies the throne of Indra. While Hiranyaksh continues the vijaya yatra. Diti is informed about the victory of her two sons. Husband rishi tells Diti that she has led her two sons on a wrong path. Some divine power will finish your sons.

Narad advises Indra to go to Vishnu. Jay Vijay brothers in earlier incarnation were the guards of Vaikunth. Now they are born as Hiranyaaksh and Hiranyakashyap and they are likely to do highly undesirable acts.Till they reach the limit of their cruelties we cannot intervene. Says Vishnu. Vishnu advises that Indra should visit all Tirthas and great Rishis.

Hirnaksh does namaskar to his parents. Then he decides to pray to Shiv so that he gets a son. Diti however dissuades him from that and says that he and should Hiranyakashyap both should immediately marry daitya kanyaas. Both accordingly get married. Hiranyaksh says that he would get a son only by Shiv Aradhana. Diti however does not allow Hiranyaksh to go for Shiv Aradhna.

Parvati says she wants to visit Kashi. Both go to Kashi. On way they rest at Mandarachal. Parvati closes Shiv’s eyes. Then a son appears. He is blind. He will be the son of Hiranyaksh. Shiv appears before Hiranyaksh with that son. He suddenly grows into an adult called Andhkasur. Shiv tells him that he is Hiranyaksh’s son. After some time he would get his sight. Because of him the power of Hiranyaksh would increase 1000 fold. He shows his son to his mother. Diti tells to start the Vijaya Yatra.

Shiv made Andhkasur unconscious by his power.


 Indra and other devatas take human form and decide to pass time on Prithvi. Hiranyash  pushes prithvi to Patal. Kills human beings. Shiv asks Vishnu to take Varah Avtar to save Prithvi. Varah avatar confronts Hiranyaaksh. Fight goes on. Varah lifts earth back to its place. Varah throws his Chakra and the head of Hiranyaksh is cut off. Indra was restablished in Swarga.

Then after some time Holika was born to Diti. Diti now tells Hiranyakashya to increase his power to reestablish daitya raj on earth and do Shiv Aradhna.

Devatas thank Vishnu for killing Hiranyaaksh. And now the problem of Hiranyakashyapa. The conflict between good and evil is a continuous process. Sukracharya congratulates Hiranyakashyapa. But says that he would have to give up this throne soon.He has to do Tapasya. He starts tapasya of Brhma.

Andhkasur is roaming around like mad. He does not know that his father is dead & is in Mritulok.

Indra goes to Hiranyakasyapa’s wife in the garb of Senapati. Says that he is sent by Hiranyakashyap, that he has got the vardaan and that he wants her with him in the Vimaan that he has got from Brhma. Indra therefore abducts the wife of Hirayakasyap in this fashion. Indra tells Hiranyakashyap that he will kill her if he does not give up his Tapasya. Hiranyakashyapa had promised to Sukracharya that he would not break his tapasya. Narad disapproves of Indra’s action of attempting to kill hiranyakashyap’s wife who is pregnent. Narad comes in the way of Indra and Hiranyakashyapa’s wife Kayadu. Narad says that Kayadu can stay in his ashram till she gives birth to her child.

Diti asks Holika where Kayadu has gone. Dundubhi senapati is also taken to task by her.

Om namah Bhagwate Vasudevaya Namah: Narad is giving pravachan in his ashram. Dharm, Karavya, Udarata. Kayadu is listening. Narad says that her son will be holy.

Lakshmi accuses Vishnu to be in “Yognidra” always. It seems that Vishnu has to go to Narad. And Vishnu goes to Narad. A son is born to Kayadu. He is named Prahlad. Brhma appears before Hiranyakasyap and wants to know what he wants. He asks immortality. Brhma says that it is impossible. Whatever is born must vanish. You can ask some thing which will make your death difficult. “ I should not be killed by human or devata, on prithvi or aakash, during day or night, etc.” Brhma says that Death know more ways of coming than Brhma know of preventing it.

Prahlad was always doing upasana of Vishnu. Narad tells Prahlad that before you can have darshan of Vishnu you have to pass the Pariksha. “Shiksha, Pariksha, Diksha.” He requests narration of Hari Katha.