I am a Machine Learning (ML) Scientist at Siri, Apple Inc.

I graduated with a PhD in Electrical Engineering from CRSS, UT Dallas, under the supervision of Dr. John H. L. Hansen. 

At CRSS, my research was mostly focussed on using Machine Learning based techniques to improve noise robustness of Speaker ID & ASR systems. In particular, I focussed on application of Curriculum Learning (CL) based approaches for Speaker ID and far-field ASR systems.

In the summers of 2016, and 2017, I was a speech recognition (ASR) research intern at Siri, Apple in Cupertino, CA. 

Prior to joining CRSS, I worked as a Staff Scientist in the Speech, Languages and Multimedia unit at Raytheon BBN Technologies in Massachusetts, focussing mostly on ASR/KWS systems.

I am originally from the eastern Indian city of Patna. My brother, Viresh is a Computer Vision/Deep Learning  PhD student at Stony Brook, NY. 

Here is a link to my Google Scholar profile. A list of selected publications can be found here