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DISCLAIMER: Most of my data is from other people. For the most part, they have not sent their sources. Check the notes for possible sources. I have not verified most of the information. As a general rule, always verify your information, even if there is a source listed. Listing the source saves you time, but remember, even the most meticulous genealogistssometimes make unintentional mistakes.


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Descendants of Christian Germann - - Switzerland to USA (600 individuals)

Last updated: 22 June 2006.

Descendants of Thomas Roote (3114 individuals)
Last update: 22 June 2006.

Descendants of Pieter Van Leuven (786 individuals)

Last updated: 22 June 2006.

Waeffler - major names: Waffler, Waeffler, Wampler (2998 individuals)

Wampler GedCom (zipped file)

Descendants of Durs Schaeublin (b. 1650) only (13,956 individuals)
Updated:  29 October 2009.

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  Updated: 29 October 2009.