Formative Steps of Ethnomethodology

Materials about EM's early history

Written/Spoken EMCA histories

- Interview with Anne Rawls AIEMCA

- Purdue Symposium on Ethnomethodology 1968 (PDF)

- My Report of UCLA memorial conference of Harold Garfinkel (in Japanese) 2011

- Mullins, N. (1973) "The Development of Specialties in Social Science: The Case of Ethnomethodology", Science Studies, vol.3: 245-273.

- Psathas, Goerge (2008) "Reflections on the History of Ethnomethodology: The Boston and Manchester 'Schools,'” The American Sociologist,Vol. 39, No. 1, 38-67.


((Harold Garfinkel 1917-2011))

- UCLA Library's Archive of Harold Garfinkel's Papers Overview List of Boxes

- Obituary (N.Y.Times) (The Guardian ) (Installing Social Order Blog)

- Rawls,A.W. (2002) "Editor's Introduction" H.Garfinkel The Ethnomethodology's Program: Working Out Durkheim's Aphorism. Rowman & Littlefield: 1-64.

- Garfinkel,H. (2002) "Author's Introduction" H.Garfinkel The Ethnomethodology's Program: Working Out Durkheim's Aphorism. Rowman & Littlefield: 65-87.

- Button, Graham (2007) Book Review of Ethnomethodology’s Program: Working Out Durkheim’s Aphorism," Computer Supported Cooperative Work 16:619–626.

- Rawls,A.W.(2006) "Respecifying the Study of Social Order -- Garfinkel's Transition from Theoretical Conceptualization to Practices in Details" Harold Garfinkel Seeing Sociologically: The Routine Grounds of Social Action, Paradigm Publishers:1-97.

- Rawls,A.W. (2008) "Editor's Introduction" H. Garfinkel Toward a Sociological Theory of Information. :1-100.

-Lynch, M. (2011) "Harold Garfinkel (29 October 1917 - 21 April 2011): A Remembrance and Reminder" Social Studies of Science, 41(6): 927-942.

- Psathas,G. 2009 "The Correspondence of Alfred Schutz and Harold Garfinkel: What was the 'Terra Incognita' and the 'Treasure Island'? in Nasu et al 2009: 401-433.

-Hama,H. 2009 "The Primal Scene of Ethnomethodology: Garfinkel's Short Story 'Color Trouble' and the Schutz-parsons Controversy." In Nasu et al 2009: 435-449.

-"Ethnomethodology" (by Douglas W. Maynard & Teddy Kardash)

((Saul Mendovitz ))

- Professor Emeritus, Rutgers University Saul Mendlovitz

((Harvey Sacks 1935-1975))

- Harvey Sacks Papers 1955-1980 at UCLA Library Overview List of Boxes

- Harvey Sacks Lecture Transcripts at UC Irvine Library Guide Description

- Harvey Sacks (Wikipedia)

- Schegloff,Emanuel A. (1992a) "Introduction" Harvey Sacks's Lectures on Conversation, vol. 1: ix-lxii.

- Schegloff,Emanuel A. (1992b) "Introduction" Harvey Sacks's Lectures on Conversation, vol. 2: ix-lii.

- Shcegloff,Emanuel A. (1999) "On Sacks on Weber on Ancient Judaism : Introductory Notes and Interpretive Resources," Theory Culture Society: 16: 1-29.

- Silverman, David (1998) Harvey Sacks: Social Science and Conversation Analysis, Cambridge: Polity Press.

- Heritage, John Conversation Analysis as a Social Theory -> LINK

- Watson, Rod (1994) Harvey Sacks's Sociology of Mind in Action ->LINK

- Full Text of Harvey Sacks Lectures on Conversation.

- Harvey Sacks's unpublished two chapters by Russell Kelly @Academia

- McHoul (2005) "Aspects of Aspects: Harvey Sacks's 'missing' book" Human Studies,Volume 28, Issue 2, pp 113–128. ->LINK@Springer

((David Sudnow 1939-2007)))

- Obituary (N.Y.Times)

((Egon Bittner April 16, 1921 – May 7, 2011)

- Obituary ASA(=SSSP)

- History of UCSF Sociology

- Egon Bittner Biography "World of Criminal Justice on Egon Bittner"

- "Seeing Danger Through Windshields" (a blog on criminal justice: referring Skolnick and Bittner on Police)

- Special Memorial Issue: Egon Bittner - Phenomenology in Action, Ethnographic Studies, Issue No. 13 (2013) (Editors: Andrew P. Carlin and Roger S. Slack) *

*(I appreciate Dr. Andrew Carlin's timely informing me of this special issue.)

- Egon Bittner on What-When-How of Police Science

- "Sociology Professor Egon Bittner Dies" (May 24, 2011 Brandeis Now)

- Brodeur, J-P (2007) "An Encounter with Egon Bittner" Crime, Law and Social Change, Vol. 48, Issue 3-5, pp.105-132. (2 days Interview, May 12-13, 1999, by criminologist, Jean-Paul Brodeur).

((Aaron Cicourel))

- Interview with Aaron Cicourel

((Edward L. Rose June 3, 1909- June 8, 2002))

- The Works of Edward Rose by Andrew Carlin PDF

- Edward Louis Rose Obituary (from Daily Camera) by Paul ten Have

- The University of Colorado Journal's Article on Cerebration of Edward Rose and the information of the Rose's Papers Archive ->LINK

- Carlin, A. (2009) .Edward Rose and linguistic ethnography: an Ethno-inquiries approach to interviewing, Qualitative Sociology, Volume: 9 issue: 3, page(s): 331-354.

- E. Rose The Werald (The Waiting Room Press, 1988).

((D. Lawrence Wieder))

-Liberman, Kenneth (2008) "Larry Wieder’s Radical Ethno-Inquiries" Human Studies 31:251–257. JSTOR

((Alfred Schütz: 1899-1959))

- "Alfred Schütz"(by Michael Barber) : Stanford Philosophy Encyclopedia

- "Alfred Schutz's Influence on American Sociology During his Lifetime" (by Goerge Psathas) in Cherry Schrecker (ed.) Transatlantic Voyages and Sociology: The Migration and Development of Ideas. Ashgate. 2010: 225-238. (Writing on Schutz during his lifetime in America and his connection with New School and with American sociologists (MacIver, Parsons, Garfinkel) and Schutz's decibels.)

- Barber, Michael D. 2004 The Participating Citizen: A Biography of Alfred Schutz. SUNY Press.

- Wagner, Helmut 1983 Alfred Schutz: An Intellectual Biography. University of Chicago Press.

- Psathas, George 2004 "Alfred Schutz’s Influence on American Sociologists and Sociology" Human Studies 27: 1-35.

- Nasu,H., Embree,L.,Psathas,G.& Srubar,I. eds. (2009) Alfred Schutz and His Intellectual Partners, UVK Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, Konstanz.

((Florian Znaniecki: 1882-1958))

- University of Chicago Library, Guide to the Florian Znaniecki Papers 1918-1968 -> Link

- "From the Methodological Note to the Method of Sociology: Florian Znaniecki's Role in the Methodological Debate in Interwar American Sociology," (by Elzbieta Halas) in Cherry Schrecker (ed.) Transatlantic Voyages and Sociology: The Migration and Development of Ideas. Ashgate. 2010: 177-191. ("The currents of neo-Kantism, pragmatism and French epistemological conventionalism have been transformed into the original view of his culuturalism. A comprehensive approach to cultural and social phenomena in their processuality on the one hand and systemic order on the others grounded in the meaningful active experience of interacting human beings and in the study of the historical relativity of their world-views, still remains an outstanding achievement."p.188)

((Talcott Parsons: ))

- Jules-Rosette 1980 "Talcott Parsons and the Phenomenological Tradition in Sociology: An Unresolved Debate," Human Studies, Vol. 3, No. 4, In Memory of Talcott Parsons (Oct., 1980), pp. 311-330.

- Lidz, Victor 2009 "Definition of the Situation as a Generalized Symbolic Medium," Christopher Hart, editor, A Collection of Essays in Honour of Talcott Parsons. Poyton, Cheshirre, U.K.: 51-80.

((Related Online Journals))

- Ethnographic Studies

- Qualitative Sociology Review

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