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Formative Steps of Ethnomethodology

Grafinkel's Works 
& Major Life Events
Before(Leading to) Studies in Ethnomethodology (1967)(=SiE
 Phenomenological/Sociological/Ethnomethodological  Works Related to Garfinkel's SiE (1967)
   - 1878 C.S.Pierce "How to Make Our Ideas Clear" Popular Science Monthly 12 (January 1878), 286-302.  [Cited Garfinkel 1948:146] 

-1890 James, William The Principles of Psychology, Vol. I , New York.

-1918 Znaniecki,F.  Methodological  Note. In Thomas & Znaniecki The Polish Peasant in Europe and America.(see on W.I.Thomas site)

-1919 Znaniecki,F. Cultural Reality. (download)

-1931 Husserl, Edmund Ideas:General Introduction to Phenomenology translated by Boyce Gibson, New York: George Allen & Unwin.

- 1932. Alfred Schutz Der sinnhafte Aufbau der sozialen Welt: eine Einleitung in die verstehende Soziologie. Wien: J. Springer.

- 1934 Znaniecki, Florian  The Method of Sociology, Farrar & Rinehart, New York).

- 1934 Eilhard Von Domarus, The logical structure of mind. an inquiry into the philosophical foundation of psychology and psychiatry. (->Garfinkel 1948)
 - 1935-39 University of Newark (=later Rutgers University, Newark Branch), ( Economics) - 1935 Burke, Kenneth Permanence and Change: An Anatomy of Purpose. (> Garfinkel 1956b, Wieder 1974)
  -1936 Znaniecki, Florian Social Actions.(New Yoyk: Farrar & Rinehart) [->Garfinkel 1948]
  -1937 Parsons, Talcott The Structure of Social Action: A Study in Social Theory with Special Reference to a Group of Recent European Writers. (1st edition.) The Free Press of Glencoe(-> Garfinkel 1948:137) (Parsons refers to Znaniecki  (1934) as "similar in a number of repects" in "attempting Durkheim's substantive results in a systematic scheme of the structure of action." (p.773)
  -Edmund Husserl died on April 26, 1938.
 - 1939 University of North Carolina (M.A. in Sociology) Master's Thesis: "Inter- and Intra- Homicides in Ten Courts in North Carolina, 1930 - 1940" -1939 Husserl, Edmund Erfahrung und Urteil: Untersuchungen zure Genealogie der Logik (Allen & Unwin, London).
 -  1940-1942 Research Assistant, Institute for Research in Social Science, University of North Carolina).
-  1940 "Color TroubleOpportunity, May, (18:144). =1941 Reprinted in The Best Short Stories 1941, edited by Edward J. O'Brien (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company): 97-119.

 - 1940 Gurwitsch, Aron "Intentionality of consciousness."Philosophical Essays in Memory of Edmund Husserl (Harvard U.P.: 1940), p.75 (-> Garfinkel 1948: 133-135, 1952a) 
- 1940 Schutz, Alfred "Phenomenology and the Social Sciences" ibid.:164-186. (-> Garfinkel 1952a)
- 1940 Kuhn, Helmut "The Phenomenological Concept of 'Horizon'" Ibid: 106-123. (-> Garfinkel 1948: 120-121 [discussing "horizons"], 1952a) 
-  Marvin Farber ed.Philosophical Essays in Memory of Edmund Husserl. Harvard University Press.  (Text Search)
 - Maurer, David W. The Big Con. (1940) (-> Garfinkel, et al The Reasonable Accounts Roundtable, 1963)
  - 1941 Burke, Kenneth The Philosophy of Literary Form: Studies in Symbolic Action. (Baton rouge: Louisiana State U.P.)
- Schütz, Alfred "William James’s Concept of the Stream of Thought Phenomenologically Interpreted" (Discussing "horizon" as in Husserl 1939 and in James 1893)
- 1942 Research Assistant, Bureau for Research in Social Sciences, University of Texas, Austin) 
- 1942-1946 Corporal, U.S.Army Air Force, AF Base, Gulfport, Mississippi. (December 1942 - January 1946)

 - 1943 Farber, Marvin, The Foundation of Phenomenology (Harvard U.P.:1943).

- 1943 Gurwitsch, Aron, "William James’s Theory of the “Transitive Parts” of the Stream of Consciousness."

- 1943 Schütz, Alfred "The Problem of Rationality in the Social World", Economica, May, 10. [->Garfinkel 1960]

-1943 Samuel M. Strong "Social Types in a Minority Group Formulation of a Method" American Journal of Sociology, Vol. 48, No. 5 (Mar., 1943), pp. 563-573 [The name of Samuel Strong is mentioned as to the usage of "social types" in Garfinkel 1948, at 145.]

  - 1945 Schütz, Alfred "On Multiple Realities", Philosophical and Phenomenological Research, June,4. (->Garfinkel 1949: 110, 1960)
- 1945 Gurwitsch, Aron & Anna G. Hatcher "On Contemporary Nihilism ", The Review of Politics , Vol. 7, No. 2 (Apr., 1945), pp. 170-198.
- 1945 Burke,Kenneth A Grammar of Motives. (-> Garfinkel 1956b)

- 1946 Instructor, Department of Social Science, Georgia Institute of Technology. (March - May 1946: Temporary employment)

 -  1946-1950 Harvard University, Department of Social Relations (Ph.D. in Sociology, June, 1952)
(Dissertation: The Perception of the Other: A Study in Social Order. (Dissertation Committee: Talcott Parsons, Frederick Mosteller, Robert F. Bales)).
 - 1947 -48 Teaching Fellowship, Department of Social Relations, Harvard University. 
-  1948 Seeing Sociologically: The Routine Grounds of Social Action(Published in 2006: Edited by A.W.Rawls) [Works cited:     Farber,M. 1940(on Husserl's "Expression and Meaning" in Logical Investigations Vol.2), 1943, Kuhn, H. 1940(at 121), Gurwitsch,A. 1940, Burke,K. 1941(at 130, 158, 182); Names only referred: Znaniecki(at 160, on "social validity"), Freud (at 158), Von Domarus (at 159,prob. in Kassasin 1944 ),Cassirer (at 183, on "language of emotions"), Parsons (at 136)]
 - 1949 -50 Teaching Fellowship, Department of Social Relations, Harvard University.

 -  1949 "Research Note on Inter- and Intra-Racial homicide." Social Forces, vol. 27:370-381.

- December 1949, Gardinkel sent a letter to Schütz (for the first time, "encouraged by Dr. Aron Gurwitsch"; - The correspondence continued and resulted in Garfinkel's inviting Schütz to Organizational Behavior Project Conference in March of 1952.(Barber 2004: note 21 (chapter 11), at 267.)
 -1949 Parsons, Talcott The Structure of Social Action: A Study in Social Theory with Special Reference to a Group of Recent European Writers. (2nd edition.) The Free Press of Glencoe.
-1949 Bruner, Jerome S. and Leo Postman"On the Perception of Incongruity: A ParadigmJournal of Personality, 18, 206-223.
  - 1950-1952 Instructor, Department of Economics and Social Institutions, Princeton University, September 1950  
   - 1951 Parsons, Talcott The Social System. (Glencoe: The Free Press).(-> Garfinkel 1956a)
- 1951 Schutz, Alfred "Choosing Among Projects of Action", Philosophical and Phenomenological Research, December, 12. (->Garfinkel 1960)
- Gurwitsch offered the manuscript of The Field of Consciousness to Harvard University Press, which rejected it.(Grathoff ed. 1989:xxvii)
-  1952-1954 Visiting Research Assistant Professor, Personnel Research Board, The Ohio State University.

-1952 March 15-16,  Garfinkel organized "Problems of Model Construction in the Social Sciences" for Organizational Behavior Project. Reported in ASR 17(5):622-25 (October). Rawls 2008:7, Grathoff (ed.) 1989:161 ("The conference ,which was to have taken place on March 1 and 2, has been postponed (to March 15 and 16).." according to Schütz's letter to Gurwitsch at February 23, 1952. "Princeton was interesting and, I can say, successful" in Schütz" letter to Gurwitsch at March 17, 1952).

-June 1952. Ph. D. in sociology. Dissertation; The Perception of the Other: A Study in Social Order. 

-1952 June 18-19,  Garfinkel organized "Thoery of Organization" Reported in American Political Science Review (September, 1952) 46(3):930-31. Rawls 2008:7

- August 1952 Research Assitant in the Organiztional Behavior Project.

- 1952 Toward a Sociological Theory of Information (Written in 1942, 1951, 1952, 1953) (Published in 2008: Edited by A.W.Rawls).

- 1952 "A Comparison of Decisions Made on Four 'Pre-Theoretical' Problems by Talcott Parsons and Alfred Shuetz," [NOTE: An unpublished seminar paper dated 1960, which is a partial reproduction of Chapter 5 of Garfinkel 1952b(doctoral thesis)  with the omitting parts of  subsections "(4) the invariant elements of social action", and "(5) the nature of the social relationship", pp.118-140, thus resulting in 4 problems instead of 6 problems in original doctoral thesis, along with its minor addition and corrections.  Discussions on this work are found in Lynch 2011: 929 and Psathas 2006. The section on "(3) Observer as parts of the field of observation" is reproduced in Garfinkel 2008=1952b:pp. 116ff. It seems that Garfinkel repeated the discussion for several times in the occasions of seminars etc. since 1952 until 1960s.]

- 1952 [=1923] Mannheim, Karl "The Problem of Generations," "On the Interpretation of Weltanschauung", In his Essays on the Sociology of Knowledge, Tr. and ed. by Paul Kecskemeti (New York:Oxford U.P.)(-> Garfinkel 1956a)

- 1952 Goffman, I[E]rving "Cooling the Mark Out" Psychiatry, November, 1952: 451-463.

- 1953 "Notes on the Sociological Attitudes" (unpublished)

 - October 8, 1953 Garfinkel wrote a letter to Schütz and sent two of his papers, "Four Pre-Theoretical Decisions of Talcott Parsons and Alfred Shuetz,"(written in 1952 for faculty seminar in Ohio State University) and "Notes of the Sociological Attitudes," (drafted in Princeton for his course of Social Disorganization and Criminology.), to which Schütz returned by a 4-page letter of January 19, 1954. 

- 1953 Wittgenstein, L. Philosophical Investigations, G.E.M. Anscombe and R. Rhees (eds.), G.E.M. Anscombe (trans.), Oxford: Blackwell.

- 1953 Parsons, Talcott "The Superego and the Theory of Social Systems" T. Parsons, R.F.Bales and E. Shils, Working Papers in the Theory of Action. (Glencoe: The Free Press).(-> Garfinkel 1956a)(->Garfinkel 1963)

- 1953 Schütz, Alfred "Common Sense and Scientific Interpretation of Human Action", Philosophical and Phenomenological Research, September, 14. (->Garfinkel 1960)
 -  1954 Research Consultant, Jury Research Project, The Law School, University of Chicago (April - July).... Garfinkel participates the Chicago Jury Project.

-  1954-1957 Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology and Sociology, UCLA.

- 1954 Hiz, Henry "Kotarbinski's Praxeology" Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, December, 1954:238-243.(-> Garfinkel 1956a)

  - 1955 Schütz, Alfred "Concept and Theory Formation in the Social Sciences" Journal of Philosophy, April 24, 1955:257-273.(-> Garfinkel 1956a)

 - Harvey Sacks received his AB from Columbia College. (Schegloff 1995, xii)
 -  1956a "Some Sociological Concepts and Methods for Psychiatrists" (Dated as: Friday Afternoon, January 27, 1956) Psychiatric Research Reports, vol. 6: 181-195.
     Work cited:   Mannheim 1952, Schütz 1955. Parsons 1951, Parsons 1953, Goffman 1952, Hiz 1954.

- 1956b "Conditions of Successful Degradation Ceremonies" American Journal of Socilogy, vol.61:240-244.
 ((- 1956 Kuhn, Manford H. & C. Addison Hickman Individuals, Groups, and Economic Behavior. (New York: Dryden Press).)) (maybe this is an irrelevant work. SK)

 -  1957-1962 Senior Research Fellow, SF-81, U.S.Public Health Service, National Institute of Health. (Department of Psychiatry and Department of Sociology, UCLA)

- Cicourel and Garfinkel made translation of Gurwitch's The Field of Consciousness (from French, possibly).  With "money from the Senior Research Fellowship, ... hired Arturo Biblarz, a graduate student in sociology, to translate Gurwitsch’s book." Garfinkel said "That argument has been a foundational point of departure in all my teaching." (Psathas 2004: 30).[The handwritten translation is in UCLA special collection, Harold Garfinkel Papers.]

- 1957 Review by Harold Garfinkel of Strategic Intelligence and National Decisions. by Roger Hilsman Administrative Science Quarterly, Vol. 1, No. 4 (Mar., 1957), pp. 541-543

 - 1957 Gurwitsch's The Field of Consciousness  is published as French translation.(Grathoff ed. 1989: xxvii)
- June-August, 1958 A Conference Held at the University of New Mexico,  Sponsored by the Air Force Office of Scientiic Research, edited by Norman F. Washburne (Pergamon Press).
"Rational Properties of Scientific and Common Sense Activities".

 - (August 20, 1958) Garfinkel wrote a letter to Schütz about his expected visit to New York on the way back from Harvard Conference (September 4 or 11, 1958) and told that he sent a package of writings "as a token of my seriousness about and continuing preoccupation with your work."Schütz seems to have his daughter write to Garfinkel at Harvard to tell that he can't return from Europe before September 20 and regrets conflicting schedules. Schütz responded by the letter of September 21 1958.
 - 1958 Olaf Helmer & Nicholas Rescher, On the Epistemology of the Inexact Sciences, P-1513 (Rand Corporation) -> Link  [Cited at p.2 of Chapter 1 of SIE]

 -  1959-1960 Visiting Research Fellow, Department of Social Relations, Harvard University. (H.Sacks and Garfinkel first met then. Psathas 2004: 21, Schegloff 1992a, xiii)

- 1959 "Aspects of the Problems of Common-Sense Knowledge of Social Structures," Transactions of the Fourth World Congress of Sociology, Volume IV, The Sociology of Knowledge (Milan and Stresa, 8-15 September, 1959, General Theme: Society and Sociological Knowledge). International Sociological Association: 51-65.

 - 1959 "Review of 
Human Motivation, Probability and Meaning. by Fred T. Schreier."American Sociological Review, Vol. 24, No. 3 (Jun., 1959), pp. 428-429.
 - (May 21) Alfred Schütz died.

 - 1959 Wittgenstein, Philosophical Investigations (Oxford, Basil & Blackwell) (-> Garfinkel 1964: 246)

 - 1959 Harvey Sacks earned his LLB from Yale Law School. "He participated in the group around Harold Lasswell, and became more interested in understanding how the law as an institution worked, how it could work, than in making it work as an attorney himself." (Schegloff 1992a, xiii-xiii. and also see the episode reported in note 6)

 - Opie, Iona and Peter Opie The Lore and Language of Schoolchildren, Oxford UP. (-> Garfinkel, Ethno-Seminar 1962, Garfinkel et al The Reasonable Accounts Roundtable, 1963)
- 1960- Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology, UCLA.

- 1960a "The Rational Properties of Scientific and Common Sense Activities." Behavioral Science vol. 5(1): 72-83 (January, 1960). (= 1962 Reprinted in Decisions, Values and Groups: Proceedings of a Conference Held at the University of New Mexico  [in June-August, 1958]. Sponsored by the Air Force Office of Scientiic Research, edited by Norman F. Washburne (Pergamon Press):304-324.  (=1967 Reprinted as chapter 8)

- 1960b Parsons Primer ("Unpublished draft from notes and transcripts of recorded meetings of a seminar conducted by H.G. in the Department of Antropology and Sociology, UCLA, Spring Semester, 1959: Sociology 251" Kim 2003:145.) 

 - [March 11, 1960 Garfinkel wrote to Ed Rose, “Yesterday I finished a paper titled ‘Common Sense Knowledge of Social Structures: I. The Documentary Method of Interpretation”. I shall submit it to AJS or ASR … The paper is the first of a series of six which lead up to the program of ethnoscience as a way of formulating and solving the problem of literal description of social reality, i.e. the evidence problem in sociology. The first paper formulates the thing we are up against I.e. the work of documenting and the fact that this occurs in common sense situations of choice, both of which describe innumerable situations of actual sociological inquiry, lay and professional, whereas prevailing discussions and text suppress these features by the idealization  ((some expressions deleted by x)) that adequate evidence is the product of rules of procedure employed in calculable situations of choice.// I started to write the combined paper, The Problem of Literal Description of Social Reality and the Program of Ethnoscience”. Yesterday I bought all of Wittgenstein’s stuff and began to read. I must now delay the statement of the ethnoscience program except in gross characterization. Wittgenstein permits me to get into marvelous details, but they consist of enumerated remarks which I shall not be able to formulate under the auspices of a unified program by the time of the meetings even if I thought it was a wise thing to do, which I don’t. Wittgenstein’s stuff is touching off a flow of fresh and interesting thoughts and I want to keep it going.” [Correspondence in Harold Garfinkel Papers Special Collection, UCLA]

 - Late March, 1960. Garfinkel delivered a version of "Common-Sense Knowledge of Social Structures: The Documentary Method of Interpretation," at World Affairs Conference at University of Colorado (by Ed Rose's invitation and organization) [Correspondence in Harold Garfinkel Papers Special Collection, UCLA]
 - 1960 Rose, Edward "The English Record of a Natural Sociology" American Sociological Review, vol.25(2) (April, 1960) (= 1962 Reprinted in Decisions, Values and Groups: Proceedings of a Conference Held at the University of New Mexico [in June-August, 1958]. Sponsored by the Air Force Office of Scientigic Research, edited by Norman F. Washburne (Pergamon Press):131-153.

- 1960 ... Since Fall term of 1960, Sacks was a graduate student of UC Berkeley (the Department of Sociology and associated with the Center for Study of Law and Society. (Schegloff 1999: 1)
 - April, 1961 "Reflections on the Clinical Method in Psychiatry from the Point of View of Ethnomethodolgy" ("a paper presented at a meeting of a seminar on ethnoscience" Psathas 2004: 19. A paper in which "the distinctive Features of the Psychiatric Case History" is discussed. "Phenomenological reduction(lastly) and thoughts of Wittgenstein (for the first time)  were drawn on in this paper, according to Psathas: 2004: 19-20.)

- Oct. 7-9 ONR symposium on "Social Self" (University of Colorado) was held. (O.J. Harvey ed. Experience and Adaptability, at 216)  Presumably "Trust" paper(1963) was presented at this conference (no direct evidence). 
 - 1961 Bittner, Egon (Ph.D. dissertation) "Popular Interests in Psychiatric Remedies: A Study in Social Control," UCLA, 1961.

 - Lilly, John C. Man and Dolphin. Doubleday  (-> Garfinkel et al Reasonable Accounts Roundtable)
- February, 1962 Conferences of "Ethnomethodology" started at the campuses of UCLA and University of Colorado (Garfinkel 1964: 248) 

- 1962a "Rational Properties of Scientific and Common-Sense Activities," Reprinted in Decisions, Values and Groups: Proceedings of a Conference Held at the University of New Mexico  [in June-August, 1958]. Sponsored by the Air Force Office of Scientiic Research, edited by Norman F. Washburne (Pergamon Press):304-324.  (=1967 Reprinted as chapter 8)

- 1962b "Common-Sense Knowledge of Social Structures: The Documentary Method of Interpretation," in Thoeries of Mind, edited by Jordan M. Scher, The Free Press of Glencoe: 689-712. (Thanks went to Bittner, Cicourel, Eleanor B.Sheldon, and Peter McHugh(help for experiments). The ariticle was to be a part of Garfinkel's book in preparation, Common-Sense Actions as Topic and Features of Sociological Inquiry.p.689)

- 1962 ... Garfinkel's collection of papers, Some Sociological Methods for Making Everyday Activities Observable (July, 1962) was circulated informally (Schegloff 1999: 23). Its 18 chapters include many of the chapters of SiE.The planned contents are by the key words as follows:I. 1 Plan of the books 2 Routine grounds, 3 documentary method, 4 Common sense knowledge II Studies, 5 On Et cetera, 5 rational properties, II. 7 clinic records, 8 jurors, 9 counting members, 10 interrogation, 11 coding sheet mapping folder content, 12 moral character of intersected person, 13 psychiatric outpatient clinics, 14 markov chains, III. Program, 15 adequate description of social structures, 16 sociological attitude, 17 Parsons' solution, 18 Nature and Tasks of Ethnomethodology (Schegloff 1999:23-24).

 - 1962 Rose, Edward "The Organization of Microcultures,"(Volume 1) The English Record of a Natural Sociology,"(volume2, 131-153) "Uniformities in Culture: Ideas with Histories"(volume 2, 154-176)  " in Decisions, Values and Groups: Proceedings of a Conference Held at the University of New Mexico  [in June-August, 1958]. Sponsored by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, edited by Norman F. Washburne (Pergamon Press):2 Vols..volume1 volume 2 

- 1962-63 ... Presumably, Sacks wrote "Max Weber's Ancient Judaism", and "Notes on Police Assessment of Moral Character" as student term papers at Berkeley.(Schegloff 1999: 1).

- 1962 Schutz, Collected Papers, Vol. I  (edited by M. Natanson)
- 1963-64 Research Fellow, Center for the Scientific Study of Suicide, Los Angeles Suicide Prevention Center. with Harvey Sacks as Fellows, Erving Hoffman occasional visiting basis. (Schegloff 1995, xv)

- April 11 & 12, Egon Bittner, Harold Garfinkel and Harvey Sacks delivered 4 talks on "Reasonable Accounts" at the Sixteenth Annual Conference on World Affairs, University of Colorado. (By invitation from Edward T. Rose.)-- "Mocking Up the Rules of Everyday Activities" (by HG),"More on Mock-Ups" (by HS), "Reasonable Accounts" (by HG), & "Ethical Symbols" (by EB). Also on file is a transcript of discussion by Rose, Sacks, Garfinkel, & Bittner entitled  "Translation". (Harold Garfinkel Papers at UCLA Library Special Collection: Box 153.)

 - 1963a "A Conception of, and Experiments with, 'Trust' a a Condition of Stable Concerted Actions" In O.J. Harvey ed. Motivation and Social Interaction (New York: Ronald Press): 187-238.[Author's "unpublished works" are referred as including Parson's Primer and Essays in Ethnomethodology. (p.193 ,note 3).]

 - 1963b Garfinkel, H. (unpublished & unfinished draft dated on February 8, 1963) Parsons' Solution of the Problem of Social Order as a Method for Making Everyday Activities Observable "From the Point of View of the Actor." (The most part of this seems to consist of extraction from Parsons Primer, and there is a presumably later version of Parsons Primer in which this paper is re-included). 
 - 1963 Sacks, Harvey "Sociological Description", Berkeley Journal of Sociology.

- 1963 Bittner, Egon "Radicalism and the Organization of Radical Movements
,"ASR, Vol. 28, No. 6 (Dec., 1963), pp. 928-940

- 1963 Cicouel, Aaron V. & John I. Kitsuse The Educational Decision-makers. Bobbs-Merril.(シコレル&キツセ『誰が進学を決定するか—選別機関としての学校』山村賢明=瀬戸知也訳、金子書房、1985年).

 - 1963 "Garfinkel arranged for Sacks to move to LA as Acting Assistant Professor of Sociology at UCLA with the first year off.". Sacks also served as Fellow at the Center for the Scientific Study of Suicide (director, Edwin Schneidman).Around that time, Sacks was reading Opies (Schegloff 1995, xv), Omar K.Moore and Greek logic (Kneale and Kneale) (ibid., xvi)

 - Summer of 1963 Emmanuel Schegloff moved to Los Angeles as visiting scholar (Schegloff 1995,xv, xvi)
- 1964- 67 Research Sociologist,Center for Studies in Law and the Sciences, University of California, Los Angeles.

 - 1964a "Studies of the Routine Grounds of Everyday Activities" Social Problems vol. 11:225-250. [cites Bittner 1961 along with early ethnometnhodologcal studies, Sacks 1963, Bittner (in press = 1963), garfinkel 1963] ("a paper that was published only with the active assistance of Howard Becker who was editor of the Journal" Psathas 2004: 2)

 - 1964 Gurwitsch, A. The field of consciousness. Pittsburgh: Duquesne University Press.

- 1964 Cicourel,Aaron V. Method and Measurement in Sociology. The Free Press.

- 1964 Schuetz, Collected Papers, Vol.II (Edited by Arvid Brodersen)

 - late winter of 1964, Sacks mentioned to Schegloff a 'wild' possibility on the analyzability of conversational exchange. (Schegloff 1995, xvi)

 - Fall of 1964 The Lecture 1: Rules of Conversational Sequence, delivered by Sacks in Lectures on Conversation (2 vols. 1995) , first in sociology classes at UCLA, after Fall 1968 to classes in the School of Social Science at the Irvine campus of UC.
  - 1965 "Remarks on Ethnomethodology", a paper presented to the Methodology Section of ASA meeting. (Purdue symposium p.v, p.1).

 - 1965 Sudnow, David (1965) "Normal Crimes: Sociological Features of the Penal Code in a Public Defender Office," Social Problems, vol. 12, pp.255-276.

- 1965 Bittner, Egon. 1965. The concept of organization. Social Research 32(3):239–255.
  - 1966 ... Lindsey Churchill made a presentation on everyday counting practices at American Sociological Association.
-1967-68 (Sabbatical) Visiting Lecturer in Sociology, Laboratory in Social Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School.

 - 1967 "Practical Sociological Reasoning: Some Features in the Work of the Los Angeles Suicide Prevention Center", In E. Schneidman (ed.) Essays in Self-Destruction. Science House Inc.: 171-187.「実践的・社会的推論:ロスアンゼルス自殺予防センターにおける研究業績の若干の特徴」『自殺の病理—自己破壊行動』(上下2巻,大原健士郎=岩井寛=本間修=小幡利江訳,岩崎学術出版社,上巻1971年,下巻1972年)上巻第II部第8章(160-174ページ).

-1967 Studies in Ethnomethodology. (Updated and expanded edition to be published in February 2015) -> Publisher's site.

- April 7-8 1967  The Purdue Symposium was held. (Garfinkel. Sacks, Sudnow, Rose, & Churchill attended representing Ethnomethodology.) (some two days in 1967 (Coulon 1995) )(source: Final Report:Decision Making and Practical Action, 1969: 10)

- 1967 (August 31) Garfinkel & Sacks "On 'Setting' in Conversation" (Invited presentation of a joint paper reporting their work on language" (Final Report: Decision Making and Practical Action, 1967: 10) the San Francisco Annual Meetings of American Sociological Association, Section on Sociolinguistics, August 31, 1967) -> Garfinkel & Sacks 1969.
 - 1967 Sacks, Harvey (1967) "The search for help: no one to turn to", In E. Schneidman (ed.) Essays in Self-Destruction. Science House Inc.: 203–223.「救助の吟味:誰も頼れる人がいないこと」『自殺の病理—自己破壊行動』(上下2巻,大原健士郎=岩井寛=本間修=小幡利江訳,岩崎学術出版社,上巻1971年,下巻1972年)上巻第II部第10章(190-209ページ).

- 1967 Sudnow, David (1967) Passing On: The Social Organization of Dying (Englewood Cliffs, Prentice Hall). 『病院でつくられる死―「死」と「死につつあること」の社会学』(岩田啓靖=山田富秋=志村哲郎訳,せりか書房,1992年)

Bittner, Egon. 1967. The police on skid row: A study of peacekeeping.  American  Socio-logical Review 32 (5): 699–715.

 -1968 Proceedings of the Purdue Symposium on Ethnomethodology . (September, 1968).  1968 (PDF) 
 - 1968 Cicourel,Aaron V. The Social Organization of Juvenile Justice. John Wiley.

- 1969 Garfinkel & Sacks "On Formal Structures of Practical Actions," in Theoretical Sociology: Perspectives and Developments, John C. McKinney & Edward Tiryakian (eds.), Appleton-Century-Crofts.

FINAL REPORT: DECISION MAKING AND PRACTICAL ACTION Principal Investigators: Harold Garfinkel(UCLA), Harvey Sacks (U.C. Irvine) & Lindsey Churchill(Russell Sage),p.1-p.14 (as of November 30, 1969, )(Garfinkel Papers Archive, at Young Library UCLA)
 - 1970-71 Visiting Professor of Sociology, School of Social Science, University of California, Irvine. - 1970 Pepinsky,H.B. editor People and Information. (N.Y.:Pergamon Press) .(the book's publication started with a collaboration by Eldridge Adams, Harold Garfinkel, George Klare, Harold Pepinsky, Arne Walle, Karl Weick, Theodore van Fossen, Marshall Yovits, and Don Zimmerman in a meeting in a day of 1967. (xiii). 
  -  1971 Douglas, J.D. editor, Understanding Everyday Life: Toward a Reconstruction of Sociological Knowledge. (London,Routledge and Kegan Paul.)
 - 1972-1973 Visiting Professor of Sociology, School of Social Science, University of California, Irvine.

- 1972 Elected to the Sociological Research Association
- 1973 Simon Visiting Professor of Sociology, University of Manchester, England. 
  - 1974 Wieder, D. L, Language and social reality. The Hague: Mouton.
 - 1975 - 76 Fellow, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Palo Alto, California.

- 1975 (June) Boston University Summer Term, Special Summer Session in Social Theory: "Ethnomethodology: Perspectives and Progress" (with Harvey Sacks).
 - 1975 Schutz, Collected Papers, Vol.III (Edited by Ilse Schutz)
 - 1976 (October) Visiting Professor, Department of Sociology, York University, Canada, to conduct Seminars and Student and Faculty Conferences : "How to do ethnomethodological studies." 
 - 1977 (July) Boston University Summer Term, Special Summer Session in Social Theory: "Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis" (with Emmanuel Schegloff). 

Materials about EM's early history

Written/Spoken EMCA histories
-  Interview with Anne Rawls AIEMCA
-  Purdue Symposium on Ethnomethodology  1968 (PDF)
-  My Report of UCLA memorial conference of Harold Garfinkel (in Japanese) 2011
- Mullins, N. (1973) "The Development of Specialties in Social Science: The Case of Ethnomethodology", Science Studies, vol.3: 245-273.
- Psathas, Goerge (2008) "Reflections on the History of Ethnomethodology: The Boston and Manchester 'Schools,'” The American Sociologist,Vol. 39, No. 1, 38-67.

((Harold Garfinkel 1917-2011))
-  UCLA Library's Archive of Harold Garfinkel's Papers Overview List of Boxes
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-"Ethnomethodology" (by Douglas W. Maynard & Teddy Kardash) 

((Saul Mendlovitz ))
- Professor Emeritus, Rutgers University Saul Mendlovitz

((Harvey Sacks 1935-1975))
- Harvey Sacks Papers 1955-1980 at UCLA Library Overview List of Boxes
- Harvey Sacks Lecture Transcripts at UC Irvine Library Guide  Description
- Harvey Sacks (Wikipedia)
- Schegloff,Emanuel A. (1992a) "Introduction" Harvey Sacks's Lectures on Conversation, vol. 1: ix-lxii. 
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- Heritage, John Conversation Analysis as a Social Theory -> LINK 
- Watson, Rod (1994) Harvey Sacks's Sociology of Mind in Action ->LINK
- Harvey Sacks's unpublished two chapters by Russell Kelly @Academia
- McHoul (2005) "Aspects of Aspects: Harvey Sacks's 'missing' book" Human Studies,Volume 28, Issue 2, pp 113–128. ->LINK@Springer 

((David Sudnow 1939-2007)))
- Obituary (N.Y.Times) 

((Egon Bittner April 16, 1921 – May 7, 2011)
- Obituary ASA(=SSSP)
- Egon Bittner Biography "World of Criminal Justice on Egon Bittner"
- "Seeing Danger Through Windshields" (a blog on criminal justice: referring Skolnick and Bittner on Police)
- Special Memorial Issue: Egon Bittner - Phenomenology in ActionEthnographic Studies, Issue No. 13 (2013)  (Editors: Andrew P. Carlin and Roger S. Slack) *
   *(I appreciate Dr. Andrew Carlin's timely informing me of this special issue.)  
- "Sociology Professor Egon Bittner Dies" (May 24, 2011 Brandeis Now)
- Brodeur, J-P (2007) "An Encounter with Egon Bittner" Crime, Law and Social Change, Vol. 48, Issue 3-5, pp.105-132. (2 days Interview, May 12-13, 1999, by criminologist, Jean-Paul Brodeur).

((Aaron Cicourel))

((Edward L. Rose June 3, 1909- June 8, 2002))
-  The Works of Edward Rose by Andrew Carlin PDF
- Edward Louis Rose Obituary (from Daily Camera) by Paul ten Have
- The University of Colorado Journal's Article on Cerebration of Edward Rose and the information of the Rose's Papers Archive ->LINK 
- Carlin, A. (2009) .Edward Rose and linguistic ethnography: an Ethno-inquiries approach to interviewing, Qualitative SociologyVolume: 9 issue: 3, page(s): 331-354.
- E. Rose The Werald (The Waiting Room Press, 1988).

((D. Lawrence Wieder))
-Liberman, Kenneth (2008) "Larry Wieder’s Radical Ethno-Inquiries" Human Studies 31:251–257. JSTOR 

((Alfred Schütz: 1899-1959))
-  "Alfred Schütz"(by Michael Barber) : Stanford Philosophy Encyclopedia
- "Alfred Schutz's Influence on American Sociology During his Lifetime" (by Goerge Psathas) in Cherry Schrecker (ed.) Transatlantic Voyages and Sociology: The Migration and Development of Ideas. Ashgate. 2010: 225-238. (Writing on Schutz during his lifetime in America and his connection with New School and with American sociologists (MacIver, Parsons, Garfinkel)  and Schutz's decibels.)
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- Nasu,H., Embree,L.,Psathas,G.& Srubar,I. eds. (2009) Alfred Schutz and His Intellectual Partners, UVK Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, Konstanz.

((Florian Znaniecki: 1882-1958))
- University of Chicago Library, Guide to the Florian Znaniecki Papers 1918-1968 -> Link  
- "From the Methodological Note to the Method of Sociology: Florian Znaniecki's Role in the Methodological Debate in Interwar American Sociology," (by Elzbieta Halas) in Cherry Schrecker (ed.) Transatlantic Voyages and Sociology: The Migration and Development of Ideas. Ashgate. 2010: 177-191. ("The currents of neo-Kantism, pragmatism and French epistemological conventionalism have been transformed into the original view of his culuturalism. A comprehensive  approach to cultural and social phenomena in their processuality on the one hand and systemic order on the others grounded in the meaningful active experience of interacting human beings and in the study of the historical relativity of their world-views, still remains an outstanding achievement."p.188)

((Talcott Parsons: ))
 - Jules-Rosette 1980 "Talcott Parsons and the Phenomenological Tradition in Sociology: An Unresolved Debate," Human Studies, Vol. 3, No. 4, In Memory of Talcott Parsons (Oct., 1980), pp. 311-330.
 - Lidz, Victor 2009 "Definition of the Situation as a Generalized Symbolic Medium," Christopher Hart, editor, A Collection of Essays in Honour of Talcott Parsons. Poyton, Cheshirre, U.K.: 51-80.

((Related Online Journals))

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