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I know that raising children can be a difficult job (my mom assures me).  


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Frequently requested information: 


Here is some information regarding acceleration:


definition of "acceleration"

article by Dr. Sharon Lynch

 article by Dr. David Elkind

"A Nation Deceived"

Should we use Gifted Students as Classroom Tutors?:

Gifted Students as Tutors.doc

 Summer Gifted Programs:

Burgundy Center for Wildlife Studies Capon Bridge (grade 2 to 9)
Wesleyan Summer Gifted Program West Virginia Wesleyan College, Buckhannon (grade 5 to 11)
Augusta Heritage Center at Davis & Elkins Many workshop offerings are geared toward the 8 to 20 age group.
For older kids:  Davis & Elkins Upward Bound

Getting Ready for college:

Summer College Tips.doc

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